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Imagine having a partner in your project so you don’t have to work alone figuring things out and deciding on the best plan of action. I can work with you to create your purpose-driven site and launch your first promotional campaign within 6 weeks.

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I help people plan, create and promote their own websites. I call it "assisted DIY". During Skype consultations, we talk about ideas and together set up the technical stuff to make your ideas into experiences for your customers. (Website setup, WordPress, MailChimp, sales funnels, graphics creation all done 1 on 1 so you are learning how everything works while it comes together.) 





My tried and tested advice on how to move forward and get found online.

This simple mistake could be costing you new customers

So you’ve got the website, you’re doing all the social sharing. Maybe you’re running ads. But the enquiries aren’t coming. What’s going on? There is one obvious mistake that I come across ALL.THE.TIME! It’s so obvious in fact, that it’s easily overlooked but it may be costing you customers!

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Hiring a Virtual Assistant and Working Remotely

Hiring a virtual assistant can save you a lot of time. You can delegate tricky or time-consuming tasks and admin allowing you to focus on the bigger picture. But how does it work? I've asked Claire Ann, of Claire Ann Digital to offer her advice on hiring and working...

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Getting started with video

There’s no doubt that video is the medium to use to get yourself out there. Whether you’re promoting a brand, product or personal service, video is where it’s at! Just look at your Facebook feed, there’s so much video being shared. In fact, all the social platforms now have some option to do a live feed or video sharing.

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Starting a business is like having a baby

Yes, I am that idiot who tried to do both at the same time! Claire Creative was (officially) born a few months before my first baby. ‘Start your own business’ they said. ‘You’ll have more free time’ they said.

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PLAN YOUR WEBSITE IN 5 STEPS, with worksheets, daily 30-minute tasks and actionable steps to get you started with your website project.


PLAN YOUR WEBSITE IN 5 STEPS, with worksheets, daily 30-minute tasks and actionable steps to get you started with your website project.


Some of my lovely clients have taken the time to write these kind words.

I didn’t know where to begin but Claire helped me to plan, get motivated, and discover tools to approach building my website. Claire is very professional, funny, and answered all of my questions thoroughly and with much direction. Thank you, Claire!


I have been struggling with questions about how to design a website for a while. Claire presented the perfect approach, the necessary questions and decisions, accompanied by a process and rationale which make sense and already are working for me. She is unique in her approach and in understanding the important issues for a novice like me.


It has been a pleasure to have Claire helping me with my website development over the last 2 years.
She is very knowledgable, capable and efficient. She has a relaxed yet professional approach to all her work. I highly recommend using her for all your web site needs.

Attending a workshop with Claire really brought some insights on the steps to take to start out, how to take action now and stop postponing the things we know are essential to take our business off the ground.

Plus, she is a fun person to be around 🙂


Claire has the answers and tools to deal with complex issues and is very helpful in guiding a project from beginning to end.


Get planning with Claire and make the website that works for you

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