3 quick tips to improve your Facebook business page

Improve your page in an hour or less

Do you have a Facebook business page? Have you explored the extra options to make your page more effective? Here are a few quick tips (that will take you less than an hour) to help you understand your page and have more control!

A wee note before we start… Facebook business page posts don’t get prioritised in your followers’ news feed unless the posts are getting loads of likes and shares or you’re paying for ads. It is still important to have your Facebook business page properly set up though. Your page can serve as a portal to your website and as a reference point for potential customers to check out your business before contacting you.

First of all, I’ll assume that you’ve got your Facebook page basics set up already.

Yes? Great…

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1. Check your insights

When you’re logged into your page, along the top you’ll see a tab for “Insights“.

Facebook insights

Within Insights, you will see a menu on the left-hand side with access to the stats on everything from post performance to demographic info about your fans.

With all social media platforms, it’s important to keep track of what works and what doesn’t. Checking your insights lets you see what kind of posts get the most attention and helps you figure out the best times to post in future. You can use this information to increase your reach and page engagement. Essentially, you can use Insights to find out what works, then do more of it!

Try this

In the Insights section, go to “Posts” and find the 3 most successful posts from the past 30 days. Take note of what days of the week they were posted and at what times. Then use this as a foundation for post scheduling for the next week. Check back the following week to see if your reach and engagement stats have increased with the new schedule.

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2. Pin a post

Pinning posts to the top of your Facebook business page is quick and easy to do. It allows you to keep a really important piece of information, or call to action at the top of your page, “above the fold” so that it stays visible while you publish other posts below.

Pin a post on your Facebook page

Try this

On your page’s timeline, choose the post that you would like to pin, click the down arrow in the top right corner of the post, and click “Pin to Top.” Et voilà, done! It will stay there until you unpin it, or pin a different post.

3. Add apps and brand them

Have you added a newsletter sign up form to your page yet? It’s not a feature that is available by default, but it’s easy to do using a “Facebook app”. If you take a look at another business page on Facebook and you will see their apps listed down the left-hand side and on the page’s main menu. You may want to add the sign-up form to your mailing list. Or maybe you’d like your Facebook fans to follow you on your other social networks.

Check out the how-to guide from Facebook here: How to add apps to your Facebook page. Once you have added your apps, you can arrange them in order of importance by choosing “Manage tabs” under the “More” menu. By doing this, you can decide which apps appear on the main menu and which appear in the drop-down menu.

Manage your Facebook Tabs

Once you’ve added your apps, you’ll see that the icons can be a bit random looking. If you have a strong brand for your business already, you can apply it to your apps too.

Try this

Use Canva or Pixlr (or Photoshop if you have it) to create 111 x 74 px images for each app. If you want to use the traditional, recognisable icons they can be found online. (Here is a great post from Buffer about finding social media icons.)

When your branded app icons are ready, go back to “Manage Tabs” again and click “More”. Then, click “Add or Remove Tabs” at the bottom. There you’ll see all of the apps that you installed. Click on “Edit Settings“.

How Facebook Apps appear by default

A popup window will appear where you can change how the app is named in the page menu. Click “Change” to use your branded “Tab image“.

Edit your Facebook app settings

Hover over the current image and choose “Edit“. Upload your prepared image and pop back to your page to see how it looks!

Time’s up!

Those 3 improvements should take about an hour to do. There are loads of other things that you can do to improve your Facebook page’s appearance, for example, Facebook Live Video really boosts your engagement. I know it can be daunting and time-consuming to plan, but the stats don’t lie! As Facebook pages aren’t a high priority in the newsfeed, it can sometimes feel like a battle to get your page seen. The most important thing is that your page looks good and encourages people to get in touch, follow you or visit your site.

I hope that these few quick tips help you to feel more familiar with your Facebook page. If you enjoyed this article, sign up below for more of the same, directly to your inbox.

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