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Are your social media posts a waste of time?

It’s easy to fall into the trap of spending countless hours on social media, trying to get noticed and gain followers. But is it really worth it?

Social media is designed to be addictive. We scroll and post and comment, all in the hopes of gaining more visibility and growing the businesses. But all too often, we get caught up in the game.

While more followers and likes, feeeeeels good… if you’re not seeing any real results in terms of leads and clients then all that time and effort is as useful as…

  • a chocolate teapot.
  • a waterproof teabag.
  • a glass hammer.
  • an escalator to nowhere.


The escalator to nowhere

If you’re doing loads of social media with no validated offering or means to connect off the platform… Then you’ve done it. You’ve created an escalator to nowhere. Your leads have nowhere to go after your social media posts and they’re falling away, on to the next post. Oh look raccoon catching snowflakes! 😍

Social media can be really valuable in your business, but it’s just one piece of the puzzle. If you want to see real growth and lead flow in your business, you need to think beyond the feeds and see the big picture.

What would be a great next step for your followers?

  • A checklist that offers them some relevant value for free? … And builds your mailing list.
  • A live event where you can meet? … They get a sample of your service and you get to get known and trusted by a potential client.
  • A collection of value-based content like a mini-course or blog?… They get to dive deeper into an idea and you get to invite them to a call.

That’s where your website system comes in. Your system consists of tools that will help you get more leads and clients (Website system: site, mailing list, appointment scheduler, CRM, pixel, and other analytics etc.).

Social media can get people on to the escalator (visibility). They your website steps in created a more robust connection. It captures leads, builds trust and ultimately, drive sales… ON A PLATFORM YOU OWN!

(Spoiler alert, if you rely 100% on social, you’re playing a risky game. Your account could be hacked, suspended or cancelled at any time. While it’s not so common to lose it all, it DOES happen.)

(The sound on this clip has lived rent free in my brain for about 20 years!)

If you’re looking to create a better “post escalator” experience, ie. a way to offer followers a step towards working with you – The Appointment Path Checklist It maps out all the parts of your website system and a lot more!

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