Attracting clients to your business when you work solo

Every day of my working week I meet people who are passionate and skilled at their work but feel lost at sea when it comes to effectively marketing themselves online.

Why is that?

I reckon it’s because there is so much GREAT advice out there and so many free resources about building an online business that we get pulled in all directions, overwhelmed and stressed out at a part of our business that could be meaningful and dare I say, rewarding!

Delivering your service as a solo business is only half the battle.

So sadly, being passionate and skilled is often not enough. The other half of the battle is marketing yourself and making sure you’re getting paid enough! 

And there are many, MANY ways to go about marketing yourself.

The problem, as I see it, is the myth that there is some ‘Magic Bullet’ or a ‘Simple 5-step process’ or a ‘Hack’ that will solve all your marketing problems.

Does that mean it’s actually really difficult? 


It’s just that a solution that suits one business might be totally wrong for another. A strategy that is incredibly powerful for one person could be totally inappropriate for the next.

For me, effectively marketing yourself online is ALL about understanding your clients in a meaningful way. It’s less about knowing all about the latest social media trend, or Google updates. 

The ‘secret’ is actually… Empathy.

  • It should be the starting point of all marketing projects. 
  • It makes marketing more natural and more meaningful.
  • It’s what will help you to make a real connection with the people you wish to serve.

That’s it. It’s not a revolutionary trick that will ‘explode your bottom line’ (eye-roll!) It’s the difference between trying out 100 different strategies randomly and finding your way to real connections and conversations that end with a ‘Yes’.

Whenever you’re ready or empathy-based, results-focussed digital strategy, here are 3 ways I can help you scale up your business let’s talk.

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