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Planning time off when you have your own business

Planning time off when you have your own business 5 tips for stress-free time off  Summer holidays are rapidly approaching! Are you planning for your time off?  The idea of going on holidays when you're working your arse off building your business can actually feel...

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This simple mistake could be costing you new customers

So you’ve got the website, you’re doing all the social sharing. Maybe you’re running ads. But the enquiries aren’t coming. What’s going on? There is one obvious mistake that I come across ALL.THE.TIME! It’s so obvious in fact, that it’s easily overlooked but it may be costing you customers!

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Hiring a Virtual Assistant and Working Remotely

Hiring a virtual assistant and working remotely Guest post from Claire Ann Digital Hiring a virtual assistant can save you a lot of time. You can delegate tricky or time-consuming tasks and admin allowing you to focus on the bigger picture. But how does it work? I've...

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Getting started with video

There’s no doubt that video is the medium to use to get yourself out there. Whether you’re promoting a brand, product or personal service, video is where it’s at! Just look at your Facebook feed, there’s so much video being shared. In fact, all the social platforms now have some option to do a live feed or video sharing.

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