Google Analytics for your business website

Google Analytics for your business website How to find out what's working on your site and what's not Let’s talk a little bit about Google Analytics. Are you familiar what “Google Analytics” is? It’s a free service powered by Google whereby you can track people’s...

Finding the right online business idea

Finding the right online business idea Today we are talking about getting your idea ready for business. This little tutorial is a little snippet of my online business course. Have you ever wondered if some idea could bring you money online? Maybe there is something...

How to get more engagement with your freebies

When you create a memorable sign-up experience new subscribers remember you, engage with your content and get ready to work with you!Freebies, opt-in incentives, content upgrades, we create them so that people are more likely to join our mailing lists. Bottom line,...

How to grow online but avoid digital overwhelm!

  When you're growing your business online you're often on high alert to all the things that you could be doing to attract leads and enroll clients on the web. This can often lead to a mix of different strategies running all at once and it can feel a bit...

Is your website generating leads or repelling them?

Is your website generating leads or repelling them? The 3 pillars of an effective website. When you have a small business or you're a company of one, you're probably doing a lot of the work yourself. When it comes to your website it's very easy to get caught up and...

The most important aspect of choosing your domain name

The most important aspect of choosing your domain name When you're stuck on what domain name to chose your entire website project gets put on hold. You can't launch your website without a domain name. If you have a domain name and you're not happy with it you can lose...

GDPR for small business. What you need to do before May 2018.

GDPR for small business General Data Protection Regulation changes What you need to know before May 2018 If you have a mailing list or website that collects even simple personal data you need to know about GDPR. But don't worry, it's not as scary as it sounds. I've...

Case study: Artist website with a print shop

Case Study: Artist website with eCommerce How I helped Eibhilin to take control of her site and sell her work onlineEibhilin Crosson creates beautiful contemporary artworks inspired by nature. But her site wasn't showing off her work properly. When we first met,...

Getting started with WordPress (video guide)

Getting started with WordPress A friendly video guide to help you set it up If you've decided to create your own site, you'll have a lot of questions. What platform to choose, how to use it, how to make the site rank well in Google and a million others. In this...

Keep your project moving with an activity trap escape plan

When we work alone especially when taking on a promotion or website project, it can be easy to get caught up in the details or stuck on technical issues. Here are a few things to look out for to be sure you keep moving in the right direction, not scurrying ’round in circles.

Planning time off when you have your own business

Planning time off when you have your own business 5 tips for stress-free time off  Summer holidays are rapidly approaching! Are you planning for your time off? The idea of going on holidays when you're working so hard building your business can actually feel more...

3 Mistakes you’re making with your Facebook ads

3 Mistakes you're making with your Facebook ads Guest post from Colm Baker of In the social media world, it’s easy to become downbeat and disheartened because we are constantly bombarded with the highlights of people’s lives. Typically, it’s only the best...

This simple mistake could be costing you new customers

So you’ve got the website, you’re doing all the social sharing. Maybe you’re running ads. But the enquiries aren’t coming. What’s going on? There is one obvious mistake that I come across ALL.THE.TIME! It’s so obvious in fact, that it’s easily overlooked but it may be costing you customers!

Getting started with video

There’s no doubt that video is the medium to use to get yourself out there. Whether you’re promoting a brand, product or personal service, video is where it’s at! Just look at your Facebook feed, there’s so much video being shared. In fact, all the social platforms now have some option to do a live feed or video sharing.

Starting a business is like having a baby

Yes, I am that idiot who tried to do both at the same time! Claire Creative was (officially) born a few months before my first baby. ‘Start your own business’ they said. ‘You’ll have more free time’ they said.

Is this bad habit stunting your business growth?

Is ‘As soon as’ syndrome holding you back? What is ‘as soon as’ syndrome? It’s a bad habit. It’s a form of procrastination. And it can cause your project to stall before it gathers any momentum.

The High-Converting
Homepage Formula

Get more leads more often from your website

Good news! Your homepage can make your site visitor feel like they've found what they're looking for. When they feel this, they connect with you, become leads and even paying clients.

The bad news is that you have a matter of seconds to make that first impression! 

Use this exact formula (template + video guide) to transform your homepage and consistently get new leads and clients!