Unlock Your Content Creation Potential with ChatGPT. 

You need a Border Collie in your business

Should you create a video? Write a blog? Format that sales page?

They all seem equally important.

You look for tips online… next thing you know you’ve fallen down a Google rabbit hole that somehow brings you back to instagram, scrolling, and trying to avoid buying ANOTHER $27 course!!

If you believed all the productivity influencers, you SHOULD be able to herd all those ideas and tasks together like sheep. Get them to form an orderly queue and ultimately get them where they’re supposed to go – supporting your business. But the reality is different!

It’s a big challenge to consistently show up online with valuable content that resonates with your ideal clients and inspires action… as well as EVERYTHING else you have to do in your business.

You need a business Border Collie!

Get your ideas and tasks lined up in the most strategic and intentional way possible… moving together, working in harmony, and making you look good.

This is a service I’ve been offering to existing clients for a while now. (Wait, did I just call myself a dog? 🤔) I help them to show up consistently by helping them brainstorm, plan, create and distribute content that aligns with their strategic goals.

When you show up consistently:

  • Your content is habit-forming for your audience. They consume it every time
  • You fill the “Content Gap” so that more people know who you are and trust you with their money (Related post here)
  • You increase your visibility and reach new audiences of ideal clients
  • You get to showcase your expertise and have your ideas lead to leads.

If you struggle to stay consistent with your visibility (blogs, videos, emails, funnels, freebies and social content) check out my Consistent Strategic Content service here.

This is ideal of coaches, consultants and service providers who struggle to find time to show up for their audience regularly in a way that supports their business goals.

My goal: Have your audience get in touch with you for your services saying “I felt like you were talking to me”.

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