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Website design

Obviously, I made my own site and I made it with WordPress. Design by Claire, me, moi!

Look out, sometimes I take a notion to change everything and this is possible because I use a fantastic theme called Divi, by Elegant themes.


My fabulous photographs were created by wonderfully talented Éadaoin at

I highly recommend working with her!

Other images created by the fabulously skilled and lovely Alexia Perez.

Some older illustrations used on the site were purchased from Creative Market and some icons downloaded from the Noun Project, specifically:

  • Digital Strategy By Creative Stall
  • Megaphone By Ralf Schmitzer
  • Target by ProSymbols from the Noun Project
  • Monkey Face By Iconic Monkey Face Collection
  • Click Calendar By Ben Davis, RO Smashicons – Interactions Outline Collection
  • Compass By Alice Noir Instrument Collection