Get more leads and clients for your service-based business in less time!

For service-based solopreneurs wanting to fill their roster with perfect fit clients, without hustlin’ all day and night on social media!

For service-providers who want more ideal clients… without being a slave to social media!

This is for you!

Recent Client Results

Sheelah doubled the number of clients in her business even though she increased her prices and spent less time on social media.


Laura doubled her prices AND converted more leads into clients than ever before.

Brand Designer

S.M. filled her workshop AND converted 50% of the attendees! AND her funnel got 30 sign ups and 2 calls booked on day ONE!!

Mentor and consultant

Helena stopped discounting her services and started earning more while working less!

Creative Service Provider

tJ.E. landed a BIG dream client opportunity!

HR Consultant

H.S. cut her working time by two thirds by streamlining her service and social media strategy. No more working evenings and weekends to get clients.


What we do inside Content that Converts

Aligned Visibility Strategy

Show up for the people who need and want your services in a way that suits YOU and gets you found!

Your Appointment Path

No more wasting time on pointless website tweaks and fleeting social media strategies. Create a path for ideal clients to book a call with you.

Your Irresistible Offer

Create your irresistible offer that is easy to promote, sell, deliver and scale. Get your ideal clients saying “This is exactly what I need!”

Learn this timeless strategy for attracting and securing great-fit clients for your services. 

Meet Claire…

Hi 👋 I’m Claire.

Designer & content marketing strategist. I’ve helped over 300 solopreneurs get found and hired by their ideal clients online.

I can’t wait to share this tried and true framework with you so you can get a steady stream of ideal clients reaching out to you.

If you love your work, but getting clients through social media feels like an endless battle you’re in the right place. It’s not about working harder, you’ve tried that already! In the Content that Converts programme, I’ll show you how to build your sales process with content that gets you found and hired over and over again without feeling like you’re selling your soul or wasting your precious time on social. Get visible, build credibility, get clients. Let’s go!


I get booked up months in advance

and when I get enquiries, people already understand what I stand for, what I offer and they’re already really keen to start a project with me.

This has made such a difference to my business.


Content that Converts

Say goodbye to floundering and hello to a full schedule of dream clients.

Client Comments


I get 20-30 new subscribers a week. They find me organically and get nurtured on autopilot. By the time we get on a call, selling isn’t even necessary! They’re ready to get to work with me. This framework works! 



Very clear and easy to apply. I never thought this could be fun!”



“I’ve never felt so seen and heard, as well as encouraged. My online presence feels fully aligned with my core values. I used to find all this online stuff so challenging. Now it seems so obvious and the people who reach out are a perfect fit for my offers!”



“Really, really helpful! I now know how to present myself online in a way that gets the attention of the right people and makes sense for me and my long-term goals.”



I’m now building my profile as the go-to person in my field. All without being overwhelmed! Each element just felt like a simple next step. It was amazing what I was able to create in such a short time.



“I had aha moments about what is missing from my strategy!”


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