The Strategy Sprint

Launch an organic campaign to get leads and clients.

In just 2-weeks you’ll launch your client-getting campaign. Get a sales boost for your creative or 1:1 services.

The Strategy Sprint is perfect for…

  • optimizing a website that underperforms,
  • launching a new creative or 1:1 service,
  • launching a lead generation campaign that fills your business with leads.

Every Sprint is laser-focused on the most important tasks your business needs right now.

What would you like to achieve?

Prices start at €2,000

Payment plans available

Past Sprint Projects

Website refresh for Ellie. We worked on the core offering for Equasense and recreated the core website pages with a more accessible and contemporary design.

We created a set of colourful illustrations to boost the appearance of the brand. Equasense works with organisations on equality and diversity. We wanted to avoid cliché diversity imagery so we went for a modern style.

We also placed emphasis on readability and accessibility. We created a clean clear new website syle guide. We wrapped the project with a content strategy to help Ellie reach more ideal clients.

business consulting services

Signature service design and content strategy with Hela.

As a multi-passionate creative it can be a challenge to specify one “signature service”.  But marketing multiple services at once, without a team can make for a confusing online presence.

Hela and I worked together to create a signature service, and brand messaging. We also created 100 days of content to help launch the service and validate the offer.

Hela on instagram


“I wanted to start using lead magnets and email marketing but I didn’t know where to start.  

Working together in the Sprint, Claire took me through the step by step process meant I was never overwhelmed and each element we created just felt like a simple next step to take. It was amazing what we were able to create in such a short time.  I know exactly what to do to and have the tools to do it.

I’m building my profile as the go to person in my field.  All without being overwhelmed”

Carol Fare

“This woman is a genius! So strategic, so understanding of what’s required, so empathetic, so mindful of outcomes. Claire is a sheer joy to work with. She really gets things. Very clear, very structured, highly knowledgeable, a wonderful collaborator and yet fun, smiley, (a little bit nerdy about tech . . I guess you need that) and easy to work with. I couldn’t recommend her more highly.”

Joe España

Kristin wanted to refresh her main website to reflect her move towards writing. A pivot or shift in professional focus is something that I love to work on. Finding that balance between the new direction and the bread ‘n butter stuff. Finding the common ground between old and new and making the connection with the true meaning of a brand. It’s exciting stuff. For this project, we created a social media strategy and transformed the site to focus on Kristin’s work as an author. We turned it all around in a couple of weeks.

“I call Claire my “website therapist,” as she has been the one to guide my site (and therefore, me), through multiple reinventions. She asks the right questions and knows how to translate a vague concept into a solid identity-representation.”


business consulting services

Patryk and his team launched their new service in a matter of weeks after our Strategy Sprint. With the step by step strategy in place, they set out with a visibility campaign that focuses on sharing valuable, informative content.

This is a great way of working with the first launch of a new service. This Strategy Sprint with Clara Wealth was focussed on visibility and data tracking.

With their system in place, the Clara Wealth team started attracting new clients in a matter of weeks. And they have a core strategy that will grow as they do.

This process can take months with the traditional digital marketing process. The Strategy Sprint gets it done in under 2 weeks! 

If this sounds like something you need right now for your business, let’s jump on a call to see if it’s right for you right now.