Create your irresistible offer that is easy to promote, sell, deliver and scale. 

For service based businesses like coaches, consultants, creatives and service providers.

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A practical process to design an offer that is easy to promote, sell, deliver and scale!

As an expert there are so many things you can do. You have so much knowledge and a desire to do good work and help your clients. 

Working alone, you can pivot, diversify and add new services at the drop of a hat. But could this be a reason you get stuck in busy work?

The most successful folks online focus on ONE THING. They build their reputation on one transformation for one ideal client. 

If you’re a one-person business, it’s the smartest way to organise your business. While it’s really tempting to diversify and offer a full menu of varied services, it can be confusing to the potential clients and confusion in a noisy, distraction-filled world does not get you sales.


The most effective way to make more moola!

Having a signature offer benefits your business is so many ways.

  • You know exactly how to talk about your work so that people really get it!
  • Your marketing and content creation gets soooooo much simpler. 
  • You become a lot more memorable.
  • You get to really offer valuable solutions to your clients.
  • Selling becomes easier.
  • You get to scale your income without having to build up a massive team.

I could go on.


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Get your ideal clients saying
“This is exactly what I need!”

A tried and tested process

The Irresistible Offer Design Process

Offer prototype

Ideal client research, challenging assumptions and design of the offer prototype.

Design of pitch

You can’t sell it if you can’t talk about it. Together we design your messaging and pitch for your offer. Giving it a name, and a compelling description that gets people paying attention.

This becomes the sales page content and backbone of your promotional content.

Proprietary process

We design the steps involved in the offer process, that is – how you will deliver the service. This becomes part of the sales page content, but mostly it helps you to sell this offer because it’s based on benefits and value. It also brings up a million content ideas!!

Putting it all together

This looks different from one client to the next, for some it’s a PDF pitch deck, others it’s a set of webpages, it really depends on your starting point. We put everything together in a way that’s ready to put in front of people and sell.

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Each project is unique. To give you a clear idea of the work you need to do to create your irresistible offer I need to hear more about you and your business.

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