Do bad-fit clients keep you in the hamster wheel?

What’s your biggest obstacle when it comes to getting more leads and clients online? 

I was on a strategy call with one of my clients the other day, and something came up that I notice often stops people from getting more leads online.

We identified a common challenge for one-on-one and creative service providers: the lack of time for marketing. But that’s not what’s really going on!

My client told me, “I have no time to do my marketing. I don’t have time to be posting, designing marketing campaigns, or blogging.” This is true for many people, especially if you’re working solo.

But then we dug deeper into why she had no time and found it was due to a couple of really bad fit clients.

My client had taken on several projects at once after a lull in business, grabbing whatever work she could get. Over a few months, one client in particular was always asking for more, never satisfied, constantly calling and emailing. She found herself over-delivering, bending over backwards to keep this client happy, which ate into her time and energy.

There are two main issues here: poor boundaries and a bad fit. 

This client was never going to be happy. It wasn’t that my client was delivering bad service; they just weren’t a good fit.

Bad fit clients impact your lead flow because they consume your time and energy. If you’re always drained, you won’t have the energy to market yourself. For solopreneurs and service providers, managing your resources of time and energy can mean the difference between stability and stress.

So is the solution to say ‘no’?

It’s tough to say no to work when you need cash and it’s risky when you don’t have a back up fund to dip into. But as you improve your lead flow and conversion rates, you can afford to be choosy. You’ll attract good fit clients who truly benefit from and appreciate your services. These clients become advocates for your business, unlike bad fit clients who leave dissatisfied and don’t refer others to you.

Do you recognise any of this in your business?

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