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Do you need confidence to show up online?

What if we treated our confidence the same as we treated our house keys?

When you work alone it’s all too easy to have moments when you misplace your confidence.

  • When you have low lead flow.
  • When promising leads don’t convert to become clients.
  • When you miss targets and your cash flow is down.
  • When a promotion doesn’t work out.
  • When a client project becomes problematic.
  • When there has been a lot going on and everything just feels like too much!

Just like misplacing your keys, these setbacks are frustrating, you feel stuck, and sometimes you’re not even sure what went wrong!

What if we treated confidence like house keys?

OK so, it’s not like we can have a little table beside the front door for confidence or a bright, fluffy keychain…

but hang on… let’s try something…

When looking for your house keys…

  • You check in the usual places
  • You retrace your steps
  • You ask people to help you search

Check in the usual places

Last year I started to compile a folder of past achievements (even small ones) and moments of inspiration. Client testimonials, messages of support from peers and loved ones, awards, certificates, tickets to shows that inspired me, quotes from my heroes, photos of things that motivate me.

This often helps me to remember that I CAN achieve things and it helps takes the focus off negative thoughts / beating myself up!

Retrace your steps

If I take some time to journal and explore what’s been going on lately, the reason that my confidence is low presents itself. Maybe, without realizing it, I’m trying to control something that is out of my control. Or, I’m mad at myself for going against my gut instincts. OR maybe I’m spending too much time working!

Zooming out and getting a big picture view is essential to re-finding your confidence. Perspective is essential when you work alone.

Ask for help

Running your business without a team doesn’t mean you have to do it all alone. I recommend having trusted business buddies, or a coach/mentor, or being part of

a mastermind or community that knows you and understands your type of business and has your back when times are tough.

You’re HUMAN not a machine. It’s totally normal that your confidence

or energy will dip from time to time. Asking for help from your community is smart and a sign of strength.

Running your business solo takes guts. You can’t always feel super-duper confident, but it sure does help to have a way to come back after a setback.

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