Don’t lose leads! Check these 3 things on your website ASAP!!

Three things to check on your website to make sure that you are not losing clients. During the holidays we kind of “chilled more” than usual, we have let the “weeds grow on our website” so it needs just a little bit of attention, few “tweeks”, some “fine tuning”, but above all a bit of checking!

There are three checks that seek attention:

  1. Contact form
  2. Mobile friendliness
  3. Clear path to action


Check #1 – Contact form

The first and the most important thing, I want you to check is your contact form. They often cause a lot of problems and troubles, so if you are gonig to have a contact form, make sure that you test it.

Simply, go to your website, where you’ve placed a contact form and use it like you are a potential customer. Make sure that you are receiving emails on a proper address. If it doesn’t work and you are not entirely sure why, just take it out, just remove it and put your email address instead.

Your website is designed for people to get in touch with you. If your potential clients are thinking that they’re getting in touch with you and you’re just not replying, that is a kind of worst case scenario. Avoid it! All you need to do is to simply check your contact form and that you are actually getting those emails.           

Check #2 – Mobile friendliness

The second thing that you have to check on your website is mobile friendliness. Mobile friendliness has become one of the strongest impact factors for your Google score.If your website is mobile friendly, if it works well on a mobile device, Google gives you preferences – you appear higher in Google search results. Secondly, your user experience depends on it.

Check all “those small things” that can make your visitors go away. Imagine them visiting your website and “struggling” to see the content, constantly “scaling” to see the images, or instead of image the “letter box” shape appears, meaning that there’s so picture. That’s just bed experience for them.

Use your mobile phone, visit your website, and check if everything is stacking down right. Also, make sure that all your links are working well. Sometimes, using text links could cause some troubles, because they’re too small, so if that’s the case replace them with bigger buttons.

Check #3 – Clear path to action

The last check is a bit more of a concept and it’s a bit more structural to do with your website – to check if your visitors have a clear path to action. What does that mean? Have you ever heard of the term “call to action”?

It means the action you want somebody to take, when they get to your website. Make this path as clear as possible. Don’t make visitors read unnecessary blog texts just to get to the “action” you wanted.

There’s a simple thing that you could do to test this path. Take yourself out of “site owner” mode and take a little tour through your website. Just browse like you’re never been there before or you don’t know the content. You could ask somebody who has never seen your website before and observe how they interact with it, what they do, where they scroll, what they click…

Those are three things you could improve on your site – Check your contact form, check mobile friendliness, check “if the path to action is clear enough”.

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