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Feministry homepage by Claire Gallagher

The Brief:

Define how Karen’s concept can be communicated. Create a website that begins to bring the concept of Feministry online.


Karen Dempsey RGN, BA, MSc  is an independent wedding & funeral celebrant, a mentor, an activist, a mother and so much more. 

Karen has a plan to help people who are passionate about their community. She wants to help them to create meaningful ceremonies to mark milestone moments. Her idea is inspired by the people she meets and the transition happening in Ireland today.

The new website layout we made:

Karen’s feedback

“Working with Claire was such a breath of fresh air.”

“Having worked with various web designers over the years (who often left me confused, frustrated, and feeling like we spoke an entirely different language!), working with Claire was such a breath of fresh air. I could tell her my ideas in my own words, and she would find clarity in the confusion, and come back with something that was everything I’d been imagining, and more. Having her create the site, the graphics, colour palettes, and website copy means that my site now has a beautifully cohesive feel, and most of all- it feels like it was created by ME!
If you know that your online presence needs a boost so you can finally have a website that reflects YOU, I highly recommend you speak with Claire. She is truly gifted at what she does.”

What we did:

This is the step by step process we followed to create Karen’s website:

  • Concept exploration: We spent time exploring Karen’s idea to really get to the heart of what she was offering. Karen had many ideas of services and where the concept of Feministry could go. Our challenge was to choose a real starting point upon which to build.
  • Messaging: Once we had created a tangible set of services, we created messaging that helped to communicate it.
  • Website copy: We composed text for the entire website, defining the offering and describing the services.
  • Visual design: Together we defined the look and feel of the visual brand.
  • Technical set up: Some technical stuff had to be done in terms of hosting domain names and email marketing accounts so that Karen had tools to build her audience through her site, and the site performed well on all devices.
  • Appointment scheduling: As Karen offers 1on1 mentoring as well as group training we set up Acuity Scheduling so that people can easily book in for a discovery session.


This was an incredible project to work on and Karen is a really inspirational person to spend time with. The real work that we did was defining the idea behind Karen’s concept and I know this is just the foundation of big things to come.

If you’re interested in (re)creating your website and you struggle to articulate your idea, I can help. Let’s jump on a call so that I can help you get clarity on your project:

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