How to create a website that really resonates and inspires action

When website resonates with target audience they are much more likely to stick around, engage with your content, read your offers, and take action on your call to action. That might be a contact to get in touch to book appointment, to join the mailing list.

There are three simple rules for you to follow in order to create the website that really resonates with you audience:


Put your audience in the heart of your decisions

So the very first step in creating a website that resonates with target audience is to put them in the heart of very decision that you make for you website. So very often when we don’t put potential client in heart of this decisions we just end up putting pages together and that’s not very effective. When we don’t consider them in design process we just kind of looking around and maybe copying design that already exists or making website that we like ourselves.

When you put your client your site visitor in heart of decisions, you are making a website for them. This is making your website unique!



Talk to your clients, deliver them a good experience

So the very start of this process is to talk to your clients, get their vocabulary and they’ll give you everything you need for really powerful copy and brand massaging. The second part of that is when you put everything together, make sure that they are having a good experience on your website. So what does that mean?

If you go to your website, make sure that you are giving your visitors one thing at the time, one piece of information at your time one thing to do at the time. Try not to overwhelm them.


Send a branded, tailor massage to your client

Visit your website as you’ve never been there before, move through it and just noticed that comes up as you move through your website. Especially if you have call to action like mailing list, make sure that is branded personalized experience for them.

 So quite often if you are using MailChimp you can very easily stick to the generic pages in that process, but be sure to test it, and make sure it looks good, it’s branded, it’s personalized and it’s tailored for your client. 

Remember, if you want to make a website that resonates and inspires action put your client in heart of all decisions.


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