How to create a website that really resonates and inspires action

When your website resonates with your target audience they are much more likely to stick around, engage with your content, read your offers, and take action.

Here are my three simple rules to create a website that really resonates with your audience:

  • Put your audience at the heart of your decisions
  • Talk to your clients so that you know how to create a good experience for them
  • Send a branded, tailored message to your client


Put your audience in the heart of your decisions

The very first step in creating a website that resonates with a target audience is to put them at the heart of every decision you make for your website.

If you don’t consider your target audience in the strategy and design process you’ll end up grabbing ideas from across the web instead of creating a meaningful, tailored experience.

When you put your site visitor at the heart of all of your decisions, you’ll end up with a site that is unique and tailored to them and more likely to resonate and inspire action.

Talk to your clients so that you know how to create a good experience for them

The start of this process is to talk to your clients, get their vocabulary. They will give you everything you need for really powerful copy and branding.

Then when you put everything together, make sure that they are having a good experience on your website.

What does that mean exactly?

If you go to your website, make sure that you are giving your visitors one thing at the time, one piece of information at a time, one thing to do at the time. Try not to overwhelm them.


See your site from their perspective

Have you ever visited your website as if you’ve never been there before? 

When you’re working on the site, creating content and figuring out the technical side of things it’s easy to forget that you’re site should be guiding the visitor to take ction.

Try this out. Visit your site with an open mind. Notice what comes up as you navigate around. 

Is your call to action positioned well? Is it enticing? Are the buttons and forms working? Test them as if you were a first time visitor.

If you are using MailChimp to grow your mailing list you can very easily stick to the generic pages in that process, but be sure to test it, and make sure it looks good, it’s branded, it’s personalized and it’s tailored for your client.

Remember, if you want to make a website that resonates and inspires action put your client in heart of all your decisions.

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