I’m retiring. And so should you.

I’ve been called all sorts of things over 10 years as “Claire Creative” — a graphic designer, online marketer, website consultant, WordPress whizz, digital strategist — Basically, I know my way around a website and I know what it takes to set up an online business.

Well, I have a feeling that I’m not alone when I say that the past two years have been challenging and forced a rethink about how I work.
 Do you feel that, too?

So I’ve decided to retire … at least retire aspects of my business.

The truth is that although I’ve helped build hundreds of websites and love the process of seeing an idea come to life on screen, and my clients are happy, and I like making my lovely clients happy…

there’s a new path burning a hole in my notebook. 

— one where transformation, meaningful growth, and creative expression are at the heart of what I do and how I help people. 

You might be wondering ‘why?’ if you’re profitable, like the work, make clients happy… why would you try to ‘fix’ something that ain’t broke?

A valid question indeed. One that my logical brain has been turning around and around like a hyperactive hamster for months.

And my answer is simply…
There’s a cost to doing work that is NOT your most valuable contribution. When you know there is something MORE to offer. Something more deeply aligned with your energy and temperament. There is a cost to not doing it.

While I could keep building websites, and everything would be fine, I know that it is not my most valuable contribution. I’m taking the first small step, eating my own dog food, walking the talk and EVOLVING Claire Creative to focus on strategy. Call me your friendly neighbourhood strategist.

My Strategy coaching helps creatives and coaches to:

show up 

  • in your business, 
  • FOR your ideal clients, 
  • in a way that suits you 

so that you can 

scale up 

  • your income
  • your free time
  • the results you help your clients to achieve

If this sounds like something you’d like to do book a call here.

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The 10K Month Strategy

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