Is it possible to make a website in under an hour? Yes it is and here’s how you do it.

I’ve seen a lot of promotions recently for “Make your website in less than a day, less than a week, less than an hour”. And I agree that is possible (in theory) to make a website in a very short space of time. THe secret to it is—you need to have all your materials prepared. So what it does mean?

A lot of the time when I meet people who are working on their websites, they’ve taken a long time to go live or launch. They keep revisiting or redesigning…. And it just adds days, weeks, months, and sometimes even years for a website project.

The reason for the dealay is usually because the project isn’t structured in the right way. The actual creation of the website comes last.

Get everything ready first

When you are making a website, the most time consuming part of it is creating content. Writing the copy, gathering the images, deciding on what your brand is all about, what message you want to put out ther. That’s the big work!

The actual putting it all together on a website, you can totally do it in about an hour, if you’ve got all the decisions made.

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