Is your website generating leads or repelling them?

The 3 pillars of an effective website.

When you have a small business or you’re a company of one, you’re probably doing a lot of the work yourself. When it comes to your website it’s very easy to get caught up and confused by all the elements involved in a website project— From creating the website itself, which means learning the technical tools, creating the content, figuring out the design and branding.

It’s very easy to get overwhelmed by the project, and get stuck! But it really comes down to three simple things. When I work with my clients, we break it all down so that it becomes logical and manageable and not at all overwhelming. Following these 3 simple rules means that the website is functional and effective so that the leads start flowing in!

The three pillars of a lead generating website are: attract, engage and convert.


How is your website attracting people? What are you doing to bring people over to your website? Where are you putting yourself to get in front of your clients?


When they get to your website, what are they doing when they get there? What do you giving them to read? What are you giving them to do?


How are your getting their details so that they are on your potential client list? What are you doing with those details once you get them?

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