Get ideal clients lining up to work with you in just 6 weeks!

Finally, you’ll get to say NO to the projects that drain your energy and YES to more dream clients at the price you want to charge.

Client Results

Kloe had to start a waiting list of clients MONTHS in advance!

(Garden Design services)

Laura started getting ideal clients at DOUBLE her former rate BEFORE the programme finished!

(Brand and Design services)

Josh’s leads were so keen that sales calls became “When can we start” conversations!

(Career Coaching services)

45% of solopreneurs say the challenge of finding new clients caused them to overwork and “offer discounts”

You don’t want to be part of this statistic.

  • You want to get more clients, ‘better’ clients!
  • You want to stop working your buns off on projects that drain your time and energy and kill your motivation.
  • You want to have greater flow of leads, and so many enquiries that you start a waiting list of clients who want to work with YOU and ONLY YOU!
  • You want the freedom of self-employment that you dreamed of when you started out.

Take the next step and get guidance on how to get ideal clients over and over and over again.

Stop missing opportunites

Start getting the clients you’ve always wanted to reach.

Why haven’t you turned this corner yet?

This is not a course! 

Online courses are brilliant.
IF you complete them. 

Look, there are fantastic courses out there, but how many have you bought and not completed? Your collection of courses keeps growing and you’re not getting the clients you want yet. Why is that?

Courses leave you to your own devices. Let you wander off and lose motivation… Once you’ve paid, the creators move on to the next customer. And your only support comes from their community of other students. That seems a bit unfair, doesn’t it?

While things start off great and you think THIS TIME will be different… you lose momentum because there’s no deadline, no accountability, you fall behind in your progress and then realise that you’ve just added another course to the pile. Until the next course comes along and the cycle begins all over again. It’s time to break the cycle.

This is not a course! 

6-weeks of 1:1 support

Turn your business into a lead machine!

Get 1:1 support.

Weekly 1:1 calls with me. Don’t get lost in another bloated online course and “community” of members. Distraction is the enemy of focus. Let’s meet every week so that you’re making progress and staying track.

The Resource Vault

Step-by-step process and no-waffle templates, scripts and trainings that I’ve personally used to scale to 10K months in my creative business. And all with wonderful ideal clients who recommend me to their network and come back again and again. 

Strategy Deep Dive Session

To give you a head start, as soon as you sign up you can book a 1:1 deep dive session with me. Hit the ground running and start seeing results from the very beginning. I want to know your business so that I can be 100% useful to you throughout the process.


I get 20-30 new subscribers a week. They find me organically and get nurtured on autopilot. By the time we get on a call, selling isn’t even necessary! They’re ready to get to work with me. This framework works! 



Very clear and easy to apply. I never thought this could be fun!”



“I’ve never felt so seen and heard, as well as encouraged. My online presence feels fully aligned with my core values. I used to find all this online stuff so challenging. Now it seems so obvious and the people who reach out are a perfect fit for my offers!”



“Really, really helpful! I now know how to present myself online in a way that gets the attention of the right people and makes sense for me and my long-term goals.”



I’m now building my profile as the go-to person in my field. All without being overwhelmed! Each element just felt like a simple next step. It was amazing what I was able to create in such a short time.



“I had aha moments about what is missing from my strategy!”


Pay in one go
or choose the Payment plan!

Get instant access to the resource vault
Book your 1:1 deep dive session & 6 weeks of 1:1 support.





€110x 3


What’s on the other side of this button?

You’ll proceed with your payment and you’ll be redirected to a page where you’ll join the resource vault. From there you can book your deep-dive Strategy call with Claire. You’ll be invited to book your support calls throughout the step-by-step process. 

Grab the first 50 discount before the price goes back up!

Is this what you need in your business right now?
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How does the 1:1  support work?

1:1 Mentoring, Coaching & Tech

As you work through this framework we’ll meet every week to apply the learning to your unique business. We’ll meet on Zoom and work through the theory AND the practice.

I’ve lost count of how many communities, Facebook groups and Slack channels I’ve joined as part of courses and coaching programmes I’ve joined. They are a huge drain on focus and time. Distractions are the enemy of focus so at there is no community attached to this programme. If you have a question bring it to the 1:1 call. Get a clear answer, NOT 100s of opinions.

My support comes with 20+ years of design and branding experience. 10+ years web design knowledge, 10+ years of digital marketing training and practice, and 10+ years of running a business solo.

Let’s play would you rather

Would you rather


keep reinventing your marketing, your brand, your website and your offers based on the latest tips, tricks and trends?


OR get in front of ideal clients who are ready to hire you?

Would you rather


continue missing your income goals?


OR reach ever increasing money goals and pay yourself a better salary?

Would you rather


stay frustrated and p*ssed off by the success of others?


OR focus on building a business that you LOVE to run and allows you to do your best work with ideal clients?

What’s in The Vault?

Foundational brand development templates

Communications power pack: brand positioning, messaging and copy suite for website and online marketing.

Ideal client development

Interview scripts and outreach email templates: Learn the best way to identify, find and interview potential ideal clients.

Get the most valuable insights your business needs to succeed.

Signature Service design

We get you away from the parts of your work that drain your soul and create a service offering that lets you do your best work EVER. 

Customer journey roadmap template

Master your marketing with this powerful exercise. You’ll get crystal clear on how and where you need to be showing up to connect with ideal clients.

Selling as an act of service

We’ll get you past any fears of selling so that you convert more leads into clients at a premium price point.

Learn how to handle objections and convert more leads than ever on discovery calls.

Sales Process Slip n’ Slide!

Instead of wasting hours on social posts and chasing people for bits and bobs of work, we’ll craft a frictionless path that gets clients in your calendar and paying for your services IN LESS TIME!

Templates, scripts and 1:1 support for every single step.

This resource vault is my entire operations manual that helped me scale my creative business beyond €10K months with wonderful clients. 10 years in the making. 

Ready to plug in to your business today.

Try the Lead Machine Framework™️

Say goodbye to floundering and hello to a full schedule.

Don’t spend one more day in the solopreneur trap. Let me show you the way to a calender filled with dream clients. 

What can you expect from the 1:1 support?
Join me on a strategy call here.

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