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Website recreated, new brand and photographs incorporated and lead generation tools designed and automated

“If you want a cracker of a website that brings you leads then work with Claire. She created my dream website, gave me clarity on my business, and mentored me throughout the process. I’m no longer wasting time by fiddling around with website text or feeling overwhelmed by trying to find clients.”

Cliona –

The Brief:

Create a site that is more representative of Cliona’s brand. Elegant, confident and a empowering. Set up tools to build the mailing list and apply the new brand.


Cliona had been working away on her site and had done a create job setting up on BUT while the site was functional, it didn’t really represent her brand, her personality, or her offer.

So we got to work!

We had to do a bit of an overhaul – logo, photos, copy, layouts and even the presentation of the business itself.

Collaborative content


Cliona collaborated with a FABULOUS brand designer Sasha Babowski for the new logo and brand suite. You can check out Sasha’s gorgeous work here:


Cliona also got her photos done by Rachel Calvo. Rachel did a wonderful job capturing Cliona’s warmth and sassy style. You can see Rachel’s stunning work here:

The new website layout we made:



What we did:

This is the step by step process we followed to create Cliona’s new website in under 90 days:

  • Market research: Interviewed 5 “ideal clients” to get deeper insight into their interests, vocabulary and online behaviors.
  • Messaging: Based on the market research, we redifined Ciona’s message to be more destinctive and memorable. I mean how awesome is “Shush your innner critic, soar your self-esteem”.
  • Website copy: We used this core message to re-create the text of the site, the offerings and the freebie that would ultimately help Cliona to build up her mailing list.
  • Visual design: Together we researched layout styles and set to work creating a website style that worked beautifully with Cliona’s new images and brand.
  • Project files: We gathered all elements of the site into a central location – images, logo and brand elements, copy, freebie download PDFs. This helped us to speed up the design process.
  • Technical set up: Some technical stuff had to happen too. Cliona was hosted with, which is fine to get started with, but didn’t offer the design flexibility that we wanted. So we switched over to a self-hosted website on Siteground. This required some technical fiddling.
  • Email marketing: We also set up Cliona’s freebie on MailerLite with an automated follow up sequence so that sitevisitors had an opportunity to experience Cliona’s service and Cliona got to gather subscribers.
  • Appointment scheduling: As Cliona’s service is based on appointments, we set up Acuity Scheduling so that potential leads could easily book in to talk to Cliona for a discovery session.

I loved working on this project with Cliona. She has a great message to share with the world and I’m happy to have played a small part in helping her get out there!

If you’re interested in (re)creating your website with a focus on getting leads and clients, I can help. Let’s jump on a call so that I can help you get clarity on your project:

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