Mailing lists are a complete waste of your time… unless

Is your mailing list a complete waste of time? I want to ask you this question, because I think a lot of people lose sight of the purpose of their mailing lists.

The purpose of a good mailing list is to build trust with their audience. I actually believe that mailing lists could be an extremely valuable business tool and huge asset to growing your business, to getting more sales, to getting more leads through your website. But are you spending all of your time building your mailing list and very little time engaging with your mailing list?


Give them something valuable

Very often when I work with clients, they might have quite a strong mailing list of people. They would have created valuable content to get those signups in the first place, but they don’t actually send out emails, they don’t communicate with their audience or if they do it’s very occasionally, very sporadic.

I want you to think about your mailing list and when was the last time that you actually reached out to your audience with something.

A lot of people say me that “oh I don’t want to bother people”, “I don’t want to email them” or “I haven’t emailed them in so long it feels weird to reach out” Something that a lot of people do is they start their email saying: “I am sorry I haven’t been in touch with you in such a long time”.

I’d like to ask you not to do that, because they might not even have noticed it and the real purpose of communicating with your audience is to give them something valuable, something that they can get their teeth into, to give them a quick win, to give them something they can do that day!


Don’t just sell – communicate

So if you have a mailing list and you are not really regularly communicating with your audience, you’re not giving them valuable stuff or when you do communicate with them just to sell them stuff, then your mailing list is a total waste.

What to do instead is to set up a schedule, where you contact your email list regularly with valuable content, give them something that they can do or think about that day and give them something to do which will lead them to engage with your website or try to get in touch with you directly.

Remember, your email list is a complete waste of time if you are not using it to its full potential! 

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