MVP – Minimum Viable Product for small business

Today I want to talk with you about MVP – Minimum Viable Product. It’s a kind of marketing–business term and I don’t like using marketing-business terms, because they put a little bit of distance from the real meaning of things sometimes.

So MVP Is just basically getting the simplest version of your idea out there and based on the reaction of the audience, you make improvements so that you’re fine-tuning your product and service all the time.

I talked the other day about just going for it with your idea right from the starting point. Write down your idea and then write down how it’s going to come together, what does it look like in the world? This is an actionable step you can take today, a little exercise.

  • Write down the idea

  • Write down how it’s going to work

  • How it’s going to look

  • Is it going to have a store, email marketing, social media

Another thing that I want to say about MVP is that it is a great way to just focus on progress over perfection. Even though sometimes, you’re putting thing together and you’re not happy with the way they look or the way the message stands, that’s all stuff that can be improved upon after you’ve actually launched and put it in front of people.

I find quite often, when somebody has idea that want to go online, they go ahead and they put loads of time and effort into making a perfect website and they go in front of people and they realize that they need to make a lot of changes. You are basically doing things twice!

With MVP, you are putting the most simple version out based on the data that you get from people’s feedback, from people’s willingness to pay for it, people’s willingness to subscribe… So the best way of making a product that people want or service that people want, is asking them to test things out, doing a MVP and getting feedback and collecting data.

“Find out what really works and do more of it”. But in order to find out what works you need to get out there in front of people.

My mini mantra for MVP

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