Owning up to financial illiteracy & taking baby steps
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How’s your financial literacy?

To be honest, mine is a bit crap. I love love love my work and the freedom it gives me and the challenges and the growth and I get to pay myself what I need with enough left over to grow the business.

But I’m always gut-wrenchingly nervous about my finances. Like, actual stomach-pain nervous. Over the years when it came to money my approach was always…

  • Earn as much as possible, spend as little as possible…
  • Do as you’re told.
  • Pay every bill.
  • Pay the government.

And it’ll be fine. And it has been fine. But that simplistic approach can only get me so far, and I can do without the anxiety around checking the books thank you very much.

The obstacle is the way.

Knowing that this is a problem means I know what I need to work on, uncomfortable as it is.

This year I’m doing 3 things to get more financial literacy and more confidence what talking about money.

1. Reading the books, starting with one that my friend has been recommending for years: Profit First by Mike Michalowicz

2. Getting mentorship from the wonderful Marion Kane from She Means Business @she_means_biz

3. Using our podcast Grow Out Loud to open the conversation about money for solo and small business owners. The whole of season 3 will be dedicated to money… mindset, money blocks, money management, and everything in between.

We’ll keep it as jargon-free as possible and share our own fears and insights. Listen here. Tap follow or subscribe on your favourite pod-platform to get the latest episodes.

Have you got a handle on the books behind your biz? Does the thought of cash flow and projections bring out a cold sweat? Check out the show and get in touch if you have any topics you’d like to hear discussed.

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