Saying “no thanks” to the hype around a seven figure income

How you can make it work online without buying into the hype.

As an online business owner, I get bombarded by emails, ads and posts like…

… the six and seven-figure income with “One Magical Webinar Formula”

… some influencer’s “secret algorithm hack” for explosive growth

…the Instagram accounts sharing “six figures in one day” success stories from their laptops on the beach… I mean, good for you… but… is your keyboard not filling up with SAND? Don’t you want to be doing something else, like actually relaxing when you’re on the beach?

OK, so I’m not dissing ambition or hard work. I just think that a lot of the empty promises crowding our newsfeeds are dangerous and can cause stress and self-doubt for people working hard to make a living with their own business.

Even if you’re someone who has their feet on the ground there’s so much of this content around that we can’t help but feel like… shouldn’t I be doing that?

There are some amazing people online offering fantastic free content that you can apply fully to get incredible results. There are paid courses and coaches who will genuinely support you to grow and achieve amazing things.

Please don’t get me wrong. Not everyone is out to sell you the Emperors New Clothes.


For every ONE truly helpful resource, there are 100 spammy, low value offers out there designed to give you a sense of panic.

You’re not an IDIOT if you don’t sign up for this thing BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE!!!

Buying into the hype can take you further away from your own style and the original vision that you had to serve your clients in a really valuable way.

I know you’re a smart person. I know you get the sense that a lot of this stuff might be bullshit. But with the sheer volume of that stuff that gets shoved down your throat, and the manipulative marketing tricks they pull – it’s not surprising that we get anxious and overwhelmed and worry that we’re doing it all wrong!

So I just wanted to make a few suggestions that might help you to stick to what you need to be doing to make your living on your own terms, without buying into the hype.

Stop comparing yourself to people on social media

You knew that one was coming. Instagram is not real life. It’s not the whole truth. So don’t worry about what the others are doing. Focus on your own path and keep showing up for your clients.

Filter the freebies

When you’re signing up for freebies and webinars, know that they’re often designed to sell to you. Put a sensible filter on. Consider whether this new idea is right for you. Will it take you away from the strategy that is currently working? Is it right for your audience?

Focus on your own goals

Maybe you don’t need a seven-figure income. You don’t have to want that. You don’t have to have 100,000 followers. You’re your own boss. You get to decide what is enough for you.

I’m saying “no thanks” to hype. But “yes please” to serving my clients. “Yes please” to results-driven work. “Yes please” to challenging myself to grow and explore.

I’ll still be consuming content online from genuine experts and paying for services from people offering great advice, but towards a goal that I set myself.

That’s the beauty of being in business for yourself.

You are the boss!

Want to know more?

Grab a free consultation with me and we can map out your system and identify where you need to focus your attention in order to get more leads and clients online.


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