Sharing your expertise without the ‘Guru’ label: Joe’s podcast journey

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick to the back teeth of self-proclaimed “gurus” who believe they hold the keys to the universe’s wisdom. The online world is bursting at the seams with people who say they’ve cracked the code and you… YOU are doing it all wrong!

Guru-status. No thanks.

I’d like to share the story of the “anti-guru”, my client Joe.

He’s the opposite of that ego-driven approach. Joe’s story proves that there are ways and means to share your expertise without looking like a jerk!

If you have a service based business (coaching, consulting creative), you’ll have great ideas and content to share. FACT! But oftentimes the idea of flaunting it makes you wince. That’s precisely where Joe found himself.

Joe’s got a résumé longer than a giraffe’s neck, PHDs, certifications and a wow-inspiring client list. But he didn’t want to be another know-it-all in a sea of know-it-alls. Joe’s belief is that the moment you claim to know it all, you’ve padlocked your brain, shutting out the possibility of further enlightenment.

And so began our quest to find a content strategy that would feel right, appeal to his audience, and keep the showing off to a minimum. When Joe and I discussed how he might share his expertise we were very cautious to find the tone, platform, format and strategy that felt just right, but still supported the development of his online visibility.

Me: “Have you ever considered starting a podcast?”
Joe: “Hahahah, me? You can’t be serious. Oh, you’re serious…”

Glimpses of the Blindingly Obvious was born (“GOBO” for short).

Finding the tone of the show

It’s a podcast fuelled by curiosity and empathy, rather than an ego parade.

GOBO isn’t your typical show, with one person hogging the glory to flaunt their wisdom and sell their wares. Rather it’s a rendez-vous with industry peers who chat with Joe about their insights and stories in a warm conversational style.

There’s a sense of good humour and camaraderie instead of promo and bragging rights.

Launch heebie-jeebies!

We jumped on a number of Zooms and exchanged a fair few emails at the time of launch. It can feel nerve-wracking and that’s understandable. Sharing the thing you’ve made, makes you feel vulnerable. Many of us create really valuable content, believe in it wholeheartedly, but recoil at the mere thought of self-promotion.

When you’re your own boss, content creation is merely one piece of the puzzle. The really important but knee-knocking moment comes when it’s time to share. It’s all well and good creating the thing, but if you don’t get it out there it’s not going to have any impact.

When I work on project like this my motto is “Make it about the work”. Remember the value are you bringing. Remember that the spotlight is not on YOU, it’s on the inspiring, informative, entertaining experience you’re creating for others. This always keeps my projects on track (and pushes me to show up) even when that fear creeps in.

We’ve just wrapped Season 1 of GOBO and work has already begun on Season 2. As a result of the show, Joe has been consistently showing up, increased his visibility, landed a feature in an industry magazine, and gotten new and exciting new client opportunities. All without the Guru ego!

Check out the season finale with ME! We share the story of how GOBO was born!

If you’d like to find a way to show up online with content that feels right and serves your business, get in touch.

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