This simple mistake could be costing you new customers

How to fix it today

So you’ve got the website, you’re doing all the social sharing. Maybe you’re running ads. But the enquiries aren’t coming. What’s going on?

I come across this one oversight ALL.THE.TIME! It’s so obvious, that it’s easily overlooked but it may be costing you customers.

How to make sure you’re not missing leads

This simple oversight costing you new customers? Here’s what you need to do TODAY!

1 – Test your contact form

If you have a contact page on your site check that the contact form works. Send yourself an email via your site’s contact form so you can experience what your site visitors experience. And any time you perform updates on your (WordPress) site, test the process again.

2 – Make sure you use the right email address

Make sure your email address is entered correctly, and that the contact form sends the email to the right address, one that you check daily. If you just have your email address written, rather than a form, check for typos! It’s so obvious, I know, but when you’re creating pages quickly for your site, mistakes can get missed.

If a designer or developer setup your site for you, make sure your email address is there, not theirs!!!

3 – Set up filters in your Gmail inbox

If you’re a Gmail user, check the tabs for stray emails. If the email from your site gets forwarded to your inbox, hit could be getting filtered out as an ‘Update’ or ‘Promotion’.

In your Gmail inbox, click the gear icon on the top right. Choose ‘Settings’ from the dropdown menu and click on ‘Filters and blocked addresses” and assign emails from your site to be sent to your primary inbox.

Check your Facebook Page emails

Business page messages

Go to your business page and check in the ‘Messages’ tab. Facebook doesn’t notify you in the same way as it does for your ‘Friend’ messages. You could be missing leads there.

Message requests

In your personal Facebook account, click on the messenger icon and choose ‘Message requests’ and then also ‘See filtered requests”. If someone contacts you via messenger and you’re not already ‘Friends’, messages can easily get lost!

I know that some of this may seem insanely obvious. But when you’re making your own site and trying to do a million and one things at a time, small details can get overlooked.

Hope that helps 🙂


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