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Simple systems for more clients, and less hustle

The Holy Grail for service-based business owners:
Consistent leads > That become paying clients > Where each happy client refers at least 2 more!


There are loads of ways to get this. Whether you’re an established business or an independent service provider, the fundamentals are the same.


Doesn’t sound too sexy, I know. But before you fall asleep…

The 6 fundamental systems for more clients, and less hustle


Traffic is the lifeblood of your business. You can get visible through compelling content, strategic partnerships, media visibility or paid reach. It all depends on your budget. And when I say budget, I mean time and energy as much as I mean money. The goal? To be seen by people who would be great clients. 


You need to be saying the right things and resonating with people. This involves understanding your audience and creating compelling content that inspires action. They need to trust you enough to connect, and have a reason to do so!


Transparency and value are key. Selling gets easy when you believe in what you do and articulate it clearly. Selling is all about earning their trust, getting permission to sell to them then supporting them in their decision to say “yes”.


Ensure new clients feel embraced and welcomed from the start. Smooth out their journey and build trust from day one. This is often a neglected step as it doesn’t feel urgent. But it’s a great way to start your project together on the right foot.


Now it’s time to deliver. Systems for delivery help your process run more smoothly, meaning better results for your clients and greater ease for you. While it’s tempting to make everything unique and bespoke for your lovely clients, having a base-line delivery process in place saves a lot of time. These tend to evolve and improve over time.


Happy clients are your best marketing tool. Nurture those relationships, show appreciation, and watch them become your biggest supporters. How can you make this a system? Expressing your gratitude, getting testimonials, writing case studies and even creating affiliate programmes if there’s enough volume.

It’s iterative

A common stumbling block: the allure of marketing. It’s creative, it’s exciting. And while a polished website, funky funnel and captivating content are undoubtedly valuable, without traffic and sales they’re about as useful as a chocolate tea pot! 

My advice is to get your credibility sorted first, but don’t get stuck in exciting design projects. Then get your visibility sorted as soon as possible! Traffic takes time to build. 

Set deadlines

Set those deadlines. Without them, progress falters, the wheels don’t turn and your lead generation gets stagnant. 

And through it all – always keep your ideal clients at the forefront of your mind.

Do you need help with any of these systems? 

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