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So long September, it’s been emotional

September was … (keep it positive Claire, keep it positive) well let’s say FULL. September was full. 

Full of really good stuff
and really disappointing stuff.

Exciting new challenges
and frustrating delays.

I came back from summer break raring to go and unwittingly stepped into a calendar sketched by M.C. Escher. 

Even with a supportive community, mentors, business buddies, processes, templates, automation tools, and all the rest… Some days feel really intense. (Is this unique to business owners though? Maybe. Maybe not.)

Y’all ready for a rant?

Shiny, shiny socials 

I’ve changed my social media habits BIG TIME. Last year I ran experiments on social channels and while it was fun and did increase my visibility – the personal cost – mental bandwidth – wasn’t worth it. 

I’ve shifted the use of socials and leaned into a more aligned visibility strategy and it’s been brill. BUT, in September I was getting FOMO moments BIG TIME and found myself doubting my decisions and almost switched strategy all over again.

Strategy switching!! 

The FOMO creeps in everywhere. Sometimes a well-thought-out, carefully implemented strategy simply takes time to work. And in that time, doubt, comparisons, and even inspiration make you think that you need to ditch all that you’ve created and start afresh.

Strategy switching is something I see a lot with folks working alone. For some reason, it was showing up a lot this month. 

Have you read about my “3 jobs” theory? Check it out here.

I think as a business owner you have a creative, problem-solving brain and when there’s nobody holding you to your decisions, it’s all too easy to reinvent when inspiration hits. 

I work with my clients to help them find a sustainable strategy for building up lead flow and getting clients. But even when the “work to get work” is aligned with your temperament and focused on reaching ideal clients, there’s still a temptation to jump ship to an “Instant Results” hack that pops up in your social feed. 

The finish line (?)

The end of 2023 is in sight and I’ve noticed a bit of a frenzied, panicky feeling in the air about hitting goals and ending on a high. I’ve felt it and maybe you have too.

We have to keep in mind that now is a good time to go hard on activities that have already been proven to work rather than scrapping all you’ve created and compromising your integrity and your mental bandwidth.

How’s your September been?

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