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Do you have an appointment path in your business?

Starting a business is like having a baby

Yes, I am that idiot!

Claire Creative was (officially) born a few months before my first baby. I thought that having my own business would allow me more time and flexibility for our growing family. But if you work for yourself you’ll know that in the first few years, your business is like a newborn! I don’t necessarily recommend doing both at the same time, but wow, I learned a LOT from both experiences! And I noticed some cross-over between the two.

What’s in a name?

Maybe you make lists, maybe you buy a book, maybe you obsess over what it really means and whether this name will age well. If you’re like me, you practice writing the name in different styles and hope you don’t change your mind about it when it’s too late!

Who needs sleep anyway?

Ah, those late nights and early mornings. That desperate need for coffee. The first year is an exhausting time. You give your heart and soul and a full 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep becomes a fond, yet distant memory.

Am I doing this right?

You question everything you do. Maybe 20 times in one day!  But as time goes by, you realise you’re still here. You’ll move from surviving to thriving… eventually. There are moments when you feel overwhelmed but you’re doing it and you’re learning to listen to your own instincts.

Where did my week go?

Feeling the fear
You’re not the first to do this and there are people ready to help you. Ask for help. Pay for help.

Feeling the love

Mistakes will happen
Keep calm. Move on.

“But you can take time off whenever you want now can’t you?” Hahahaha. No.
No me time anymore (“finally the holidays are here, maybe I’ll be able to get some work done.)

Everything is messy. The laundry piles

Everyone has an opinion
Oh, the unsolicited advice.

New friends

It goes so fast and you’ll be amazed at how far you’ve come.



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