What to expect from the process:

How to get the most from the process:

  • Being decisive and certain makes progress faster and revisions fewer.
  • Each decision is the foundation of the next step, so if you’re not certain – tell me and we’ll discuss it.
  • Always be candid with me. If something doesn’t make sense or we’re going too fast or in a direction that doesn’t feel right I need to know. Tell me and we can address it. I’m not here to judge your ideas or thoughts, I’m here to create a system that achieves your goals.

So what happens now?

  1. Please review the terms and conditions before proceeding to your payment
  2. If you have questions or concerns about any element listed here, please contact Claire directly before making your payment: claire@clairecreative.com

Let’s make this development journey supportive, dynamic, friendly, and, purposeful.  

Terms and Conditions

    • This project is based on turnaround time, not deliverables. The collaborative nature of this project means that completion of all desired elements can be assured when communication remains open and candid and milestones are respected by both Claire and the Client.
    • Claire will advise on legal GDPR requirements and standards. Claire takes no responsibility for any breach of GDPR regulations by the client once the project is completed.
    • The cost quoted here is fixed. No additional costs will be added. 
    • Payment is required before the project begins. Payment options include:
      • Full payment in advance
      • Monthly payments over 3 months
      • Monthly payments over 6 months (available only on request)
    • A website is iterative in nature. Websites and marketing systems should naturally evolve over time and should be maintained by the site owner and / or their team. Further changes and additions to the website outside of the project period must be considered as a separate project.
    • A brand and brand strategy should also naturally evolve over time and should be maintained by the site owner and / or their team. Further changes and additions to the brand and brand strategy outside of the project period must be considered as a separate project.

    Each session is a private, structured session that focuses on areas of most importance to your business and online development. 

    Any development or creative work carried out by Claire or her team between sessions must be jointly agreed during a regular scheduled session. Feedback offered and requests made between sessions will be handled during the subsequent session. 

    Throughout the working relationship, you can count on Claire to be honest and straightforward. Claire aims to be candid when offering feedback on requests and ideas. The timeline of the project and the goals set out at the beginning of the project should be respected. Claire and her team aim to serve this project goal and deliver a great service to all clients so requests for extra pages, designs, copy and technical tasks may be declined if they’re not agreed to in the initial scope of work. 

    The 90-day framework for projects is a guideline to help maintain the momentum of the project. If delays occur, they can be discussed by email to reach an alternative arrangement.


    Unused sessions cannot be shared with others or resold. 

    Sessions can be booked in person, by email or via Claire’s online booking platform. Exceptions for which additional time may be granted include illness, accidents, family emergencies, other unforeseen circumstances, and any vacations you notify Claire of in advance. 

    All sessions are confidential, and any information exchanged throughout the programme are entirely confidential. Sessions can be recorded and sent to you after each session on request. 

    All sessions ​are 60-minutes in duration, but you are advised to plan for extra time after the scheduled session in case it runs overtime.

    For email support: you may contact Claire via email for easily resolved issues and clarification. If the issues needing to be handled are more substantial, Claire may recommend they be handled during a regular session. Claire or her team will reply to emails to claire@clairecreative.com.

    Other platforms such as Facebook messenger, Instagram DM or text message or other may not be responded to in a timely manner.

    The initial session can begin once partial or full payment is received. 

    When the project period comes to an end, you have 30 days to request training and guidance by email. Claire takes no responsibility for the maintenance of the website or campaigns after this time. Claire will no longer login to your website or accounts after the project period has expired. Claire takes no responsibility for your login information after the project period.