Ideal for: Coaches, Consultants and Service providers who want to get more perfect fit leads booking in to their calendars.

Get consistent qualified leads in your calendar.

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I get booked up months in advance

and when I get enquiries, people already understand what I stand for, what I offer and they’re already really keen to start a project with me.

This has made such a difference to my business.


Step by step

Check the boxes

Get clear on where you’re missing opportunities and leaking leads.

See how close you are already

Your work so far will not go to waste. See how you can build on what you already have.

Use it as a plan of action

Working smarter not harder! You’ll see where to focus your time and energy now to get more leads with ease.

No more wasting time on pointless website tweaks and fleeting social media strategies.

Claire Who?

Hi 👋 I’m Claire.

Designer & digital strategist. I’ve helped over 300 businesses show up online in a way that gets their perfect fit leads booking appointments.

I can’t wait to share this simple but powerful checklist with you so you can hit the holy grail of selling services: CONSISTENT LEAD FLOW 😍 🤤

It’s a nifty little checklist if I do say so myself! I use with my clients to help them figure out what’s holding them back from lovely lead flow. Although it’s just a one-pager that takes a few minutes to complete, it’ll help you to identify the areas that need urgent attention so you can get your calendar poppin’ with leads.


Very clear and easy to apply. I never thought this could be fun!”



“Really, really helpful! I now know how to present myself online in a way that gets the attention of the right people and makes sense for me and my long-term goals.”



“I had aha moments about what is missing from my strategy!”


The Appointment Path

Let me show you the way to consistent lead flow.