The pain of going after what you want

I write to you today surrounded by boxes and bin bags. My house is upside-down with categorised belongings. We’re about to move.

Travelling as a family is something we’ve always talked about. And now it’s happening after 14 years in France we’re moving to Barcelona… and it feels big.

Taking on any big change can feel like a lot. So we wait. We wait for the stars to align and for circumstances to feel right. We wait ’til “later” We wait and wait and wait…

  • until the new year, 
  • until the economy is more stable,
  • until after the school holidays,
  • until this project is finished…

There is always some reason not to. 

There’s always some amount of pain in big changes. You have to let go of a lot of familiar stuff and step into unknown territory. It’s no wonder we prefer to wait.

I spoke with my lovely friends the other morning and I caught myself complaining about all I have to do before the move… 

“Yeah but, you’re going after something you’ve always dreamed of, aren’t you?!” 

That changed the energy of the whole day. Packing boxes fuelled by excitement for the future.

Moving is hard. Change is hard. But when the intention is in the right place the energy shifts and the work feels lighter. (Packing is still a pain in the arse, but this definitely helped. Thanks Mpho x!)

If you’re passionate about it you owe it to yourself to take a step towards it.

One box at a time,

One email at a time,

One page at a time.

Wish me luck!

Check out my little reel about the move.

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