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If you want to get more ideal clients without adopting sleazy tactics or jumping through social media hoops this is for you!

Tested by over 300 solopreneurs!

STOP discounting your services to get clients,

STOP compromising your values to get visible,

STOP spending 1000s of hours on website tweaks and social media fads!

Join me for this free 1 hour training and learn how to get more ideal clients with your very own lead machine. 


I get booked up months in advance and when I get enquiries, people already understand what I stand for, what I offer and they’re already really keen to start a project with me.

This has made such a difference to my business.”


What You’ll discover
in this free training

How to escape the solopreneur social media trap

I’ll show you what you need to STOP doing so you can get into lead-gen’ flow (and you’ll free up a SO MUCH time!!)

The “I’ve found what I’m looking for” method

Get ready for an important shift that’ll deepen your connection with future clients and get them thinking: “YES PLEASE! Where do I sign?”. Bonus you can do this for zero cost!

Learn how to implement
The Lead Machine Framework™️

Stop over-complicating how you get clients! Use this tried and tested framework to get in front of ideal clients and get booked for your services. 

See how client-facing businesses are getting booked up with perfect fit clients, without discounting their talents, or using sleazy tactics!

Almost every solopreneur out there asks:
How do I get more clients? How do I get better-fit clients? How can I get paid more without working more?

Hi I’m Claire. I’m a designer and digital strategist for creative and 1:1 service providers. I’ve helped over 300 solopreneurs get found and hired by ideal clients so that they can make more money doing work they love.

I’ll bet that you absolutely love your work, you’re good at it and you want to serve more clients and get paid well to do so. But actually getting clients feels like an endless battle.

I can tell you now. It’s not about working harder, you’ve tried that already.

In this free training, I’ll show you how to build a lead machine that gets you found and hired over and over again without feeling like you’re selling your soul or wasting your time.

Very clear and easy to apply. I never thought this could be so fun!”


“Really, really helpful! I now know how to present myself online in a way that gets the attention of the right people and makes sense for me and my long-term goals.”

Author and illustrator

“I had aha moments about what is missing from my strategy!”

Wellness Coach

Try the Lead Machine Framework™️

Say goodbye to floundering and hello to a full schedule of ideal clients.

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