The website that got you here, is not the one that’ll get you there. Is it time for an upgrade?

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Preparing to launch, pivot or scale? UPgrade your website with our team of strategic designers, copy writers and launch experts.


When you’re going after more ambitious goals than before, your site should be supporting your vision, saving you time, and preparing your next round of leads to become clients.

If you feel like your current website is not doing this, it’s time for an upgrade. But where to start? Book an Upgrade Audit with me. We’ll analyse your existing website, brand and lead generation and craft a plan on how to align your digital home with your big picture vision.

Is your site a shop window or a lead machine?

Your website is the shop window for your business but it shouldn’t stop there. 

With “drag n’ drop” site builders, Canva templates, VAs and freelancers for hire… creating a website is easier than ever…. right?

But we’re not talking about a collection of words and images held together with code, your website is the only online channel that you really own, it’s the most important element of your digital presence. It’s a powerful tool that activates your strategy, radiates your message, and inspires action.

  • It should make your visibility and marketing efforts easier, not harder.
  • It should make ideal prospects want to work with you and only you!
  • It should be supporting your next level vision of success!

What got you here
won’t get you there.

Ready for an upgrade?

The Website Upgrade is for busy coaches, consultants and online service providers who want to step into the next level of success in their business without spending months in redesign hell! Here’s your invitation to align your vision with your online presence. 

Claire who?? Designer, strategist, mother of 2, Irish expat in Spain (via France), helping service-based businesses (like coaches, consultants and creators) to show up in their business through brand and web design since 2012.

Claire who?? Designer, strategist, mother of 2, Irish expat in Spain (via France), helping service-based solopreneurs to show up in their business through brand and web design since 2012.

“We got really specific about who the website needed to speak to, and how to take someone on a journey from landing on my site to becoming a client.

It was incredibly collaborative and I felt like I got so much business consultancy as well as the core design stuff.

By the time I get on a call (with a lead), selling isn’t even necessary! They’re ready to get to work with me.”


“Before working with Claire my site didn’t capture the essence of my business and was much too complicated.

We started with the 10,000-foot view. She skillfully helped me to pull out the core messaging for my own audience.

I would highly recommend her for individuals or businesses seeking digital strategy and direction, and high-level website design.”


“By they time we get on a call, people are already really keen and ready to start a project with us.

For our small team, the automated systems Claire put in place have saved us a huge amount of time – from newsletter sign-ups to appointment bookings and evrything in between.

This has made such a difference to my business.”


Upgrade your site and fast-track your goals.

You’ve done the website thing before and you know how demanding the process can be.

Before you commit any more time and money with a freelancer who’ll tweak a few pages without understanding your marketing or sales process let’s connect with your strategy.

What happens on the Upgrade Audit?

  • We’ll assess your current online set-up (site, socials, brand and lead gen’)
  • We’ll connect to your goals and see how your current set-up aligns with that
  • We’ll craft a plan of action for you to upgrade your digital home so that it supports your path to success.

Let’s do an upgrade audit to see how your site can support your big picture vision.

Aligned Strategy
not empty trends

If you’re serious about hitting a new level of success the way you showed up before may no longer work

If your online presence is a mish-mash of ‘old’ and ‘new’, you’ll confuse the crap out of your potential clients and they’ll go elsewhere

Working with random freelancers for quick fix edits and tweaks will NOT SAVE TIME OR MONEY!!! Quite the opposite actually!

Strategy before aesthetics EVERY time. When you align your personal vision of success with the actions you take, you’ll get further, faster. 

Book your upgrade audit to take this one step closer.

How this works

Step 1 – The Upgrade Audit (Free)

When you book your Audit, we’ll meet on Zoom to look at the big picture of how you show up online. With this perspective, we’ll discuss your big picture vision for the next 12 months and create your Upgrade Plan of Action to align your vision with your online presence.

Step 2 – The Website Upgrade

If you decide to Upgrade I’ll set up your Upgrade Plan of Action with a point by point project plan and digital hub where we can collaborate.

Step 3 – The Six-Week Website Upgrade Process

Over 6 weeks my team and I will get your website upgraded in a way that aligns with your goals, your vision and your brand.

What we do
We offer you (or your team members) 6 x weekly deep dive sessions where we’ll get clear on your strategy, targets and brand.

  • We will review and revise your over-arching brand messaging, and touchpoints
  • We will review and revise website copy and your main funnel
  • We will review and revise your visual brand and make changes where needed (images, brand kits, social media templates and web pages)
  • The scope of work will depend on your current set up. Book an audit session to get a better idea of how this would look for you.

What you need to do
Provide clear guidence and complete all feedback documents week to week (expect a minimum of 1 to 1.5 hours of work per week).

Your investment

The Upgrade Audit session is free.

The cost of The Strategic Website Upgrade starts at €5,500 + VAT.  Your website can be upgraded based on our deep dive strategy sessions. So aside from the financial investment, you’ll need to invest 6 – 10 hours of your time over the 6-week project period.

Each project is as unique as the individual business. Let’s do an audit together and see what this would look like for you.

Claire gave me clarity on my business, and mentored me throughout the process. I’m no longer wasting time by fiddling around with website text or feeling overwhelmed by trying to find clients.


“This woman is a genius! So strategic, so understanding of what’s required, so empathetic, so mindful of outcomes. Claire is a sheer joy to work with. “

Joe España

“I’ve never felt so seen and heard, as well as encouraged. My online presence feels fully aligned with my core values. I used to find all this online stuff so challenging. Now it seems so obvious and the people who reach out are a perfect fit for my offers!”


You’ve outgrown your old website.

You want to step into the next season of your business ready for bigger things. Book your Upgrade Audit today.