Ditch the DIY look

Build a professional online presence in-house with 1 on 1 support

You need a purpose-driven, professional looking website that works towards achieving your business goals

Your site needs to be easy to manage so that you’re 100% in control

You need a structured approach to online growth instead of trying out random ideas

You want to make use of social media and email marketing to build trust with your audience

You need guidance on the right tools to use, help with design, and support to keep your project moving forward

Then you’ve found what you’re looking for!


Get it started

You’re at the beginning of your project and you need a plan of action. 

You need advice on what tools to use and how to use them

You need help figuring out your brand and tone

You’d like guidance on how to prepare content and how to put all your ideas together

Get it sorted

Your project has reached a standstill. 

Your DIY site doesn’t look as professional as you’d hoped
The site you paid a designer to create is not what you had imagined

You’d like to take control of the project with a strategic approach

You want to figure out your plan for online growth and put tools in place

Get it out there

You need to improve your visibility.

Your site is up and running, but traffic is low.

Your site is not helping you to generate new business.

You need help with SEO – your appearance in search engines.

You want to use email marketing, blogging or social media to connect with new customers, but you don’t know where to start.

If you’re not sure which of these options is for you, book a free discovery call and find out how I can help.


Past clients’, lovely comments!

“I didn’t know where to begin but Claire helped me to plan, get motivated, and discover tools to approach building my website. Claire is very professional, funny, and answered all of my questions thoroughly and with much direction. Thank you, Claire!”


Yoga instructor

“Claire brought insights on the steps to take to start out, how to take action now and stop postponing the things we know are essential to take our business off the ground.

Plus, she is a fun person to be around” 🙂



“Claire presented the perfect approach, the necessary questions and decisions, accompanied by a process and rationale which make sense and already are working for me. She is unique in her approach and in understanding the important issues for a novice like me.”



Create your Website Blueprint

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