What do websites and pancakes have in common?

First pancakes

If you ever made pancakes you probably noticed that the first one is not the best pancake. With pancakes we kind of accept that the first one is a trial run, but we need to get this first one made before we can make a bunch of good ones. How does that relate to websites?

In order to get where you want to go, you have to get it started.

  • The first draft of a website
  • The first iteration of your product
  • The first version of your event 

The first release is unlikely to be a final version. In fact, it really shouldn’t be!

“If you are not embarrassed of your first release, you waited too long to launch”

Reid Hoffman

founder of LinkedIn

First draft

So what I’m basically trying to say – You can’t know everything before you start, you can’t be perfect in a first draft, but in order to get where you want to go, you have to started. So get your first pancake out the way in order to make better pancakes in future.

Get your first website up and running and based on how it performs you are going to make informed decisions and informed choices to get your website running effectively for your business.

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