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Busy work is basically the same as procrastination

Busy work is basically the same as procrastination How to focus on the important work that will bring you leads and clients If you're doing busy work you're not focussing on the important tasks you need to complete to support and grow your business. It's easy to fall...

How to generate leads with SEO

How can you get clients through Google Search / SEO? 3 Simple Steps to More Traffic and Clients If you want to reach more people online, maybe you've done a bit of research into SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). SEO is the process of making your site more visible on...

Dealing with hosting Dramas

Dealing with Hosting Dramas I want to talk with you about hosting - a big pain in the bum most of the time. This came up for me, because, recently I had to change the host. When you change hosts there’s a terrifying moment – for up to 72 hours your site can be...

Are you making these 3 common mistakes on your homepage?

Are you making these 3 common mistakes on your homepage? Another three things you need to check on your website today. Specifically, I’m talking about your homepage this time. So, are you making these three common mistakes on your homepage? Mistake #1 – Social media...

How to really get clients through your website

How to really get clients through your website I help client facing business owners to look at their website and figure out how to use it to get more leads and clients. There are three pillars that I lean on: Attract Engage Convert With the enforcement of GDPR...

Is your website your shop window or sales rep?

Is your website your shop window or sales rep? Is your website having an identity crisis? Do you see your website as your shop window or your top salesperson? I’ve been making websites for over 10 years and a lot has changed in that time, from the technology used to...

Kind words from my clients

“I worked with Claire to design my website but Claire is so much more than a website designer. She really helped me to clarify and streamline my business ideas and I made a big leap forward with her help. My business is more profitable as a result. If you need help with working out how to attract clients and leads, I thoroughly recommend her help.”


“What’s it like working with Claire? Imagine a fairy godmother with a bunch of magic wands for every step of your journey from defining your target clients to setting up a stellar website and an entire strategy for brining them towards you: that’s Claire.”


“My site jumped up to page 1 of Google Search and doubled my income!

Claire’s practical, hands-on approach helped me to understand what I needed to do and how to do it. With her guidance, I took control of my website and now I’m getting in front of the right people online.”


Resonate & Inspire

How to create a website that really resonates with your ideal client and inspires them to take action

When your site resonates with its visitors they will be inspired to take action… which means site visitors become leads and more leads, means more clients in your business.

I’m Claire, I help client facing business owners to transform their websites into lead generating machines! What’s the secret? Your site is not about you, it’s about THEM!