I’m available online and in-person for workshops, seminars, conferences, summits and podcasts.

Podcast Features

Link to listen to the Grow Out Loud Podcast
Link to listen to the Grow Out Loud Podcast
Link to listen to the Grow Out Loud Podcast
Link to listen to the Grow Out Loud Podcast

About me

I’m designer and digital strategist. I focus on helping solo, service based businesses (eg:coaches and creatives) to design the future of their business and the strategy to get there. Step one? To be seen and heard by their ideal clients.

Showing up online is a great way to get clients, but actually doing it – is easier said than done. There’s so much that can get in your way.

I speak on topics like

  • Getting out of your own way so that you can show up online Blog
  • Ditching digital overwhelm by creating your online presence one step at a time 
  • Designing a digital strategy the aligns with who you are, what you’re all about and your energy
  • My Story. From overworked and exhausted to ideal income and work-life harmony (most of  the time) Article

Event types

  • Workshops and Q&As:
    • Show up, Scale up: Details
    • Digital Strategy for Coaches and Creatives: Details
    • Developing your personal brand as a company of one
  • Talks, presentations and guest lectures:
    • The 3 keys to getting leads from your website
    • Get out of your own way and get all the clients you need
    • End the feast and famine cycles in your business
    • Custom content
  • Expert panels
  • Podcast guest

Who is my content great for?

  • Serivce-based business owners: Coaches, consultants and creative service providers
  • Personal brands
  • Solo business owners looking to scale

    If you’d like to get in touch please email me

    claire@clairecreative.com or book a time to speak with me on Zoom.