I’m available online and in-person for workshops, seminars, conferences, and summits.

I’m a brand and website strategist. I focus on helping service-based brands to show up, get seen, heard, and connected with their ideal clients online.

Showing up online is a great way to get clients, but actually doing it – hitting that button – is another story. Really putting an authentic, likeable, memorable voice to it all is easier said than done. There’s so much that can get in your way.

I speak on topics like

  • Getting out of your own way so that you can show up online
  • Feeling the impostor syndrome and doing that LIVE anyway
  • Creating a website that gets your ideal clients nodding and saying ‘This is what I’ve been looking for’

Event types

  • Workshops and Q&As:
    • website design and creation
    • fixing an ineffective website
    • getting the most from your website design budget
  • Talks, presentations and guest lectures:
    • the 3 keys to getting leads from your website
    • get out of your own way and get all the clients you need
    • custom content
  • Expert panels
  • Podcast guest

Who is my content great for?

  • Serivce based business owners
  • Personal brands
  • Coaches, consultants and creative service providers  looking to scale

    If you’d like to get in touch please email me

    claire@clairecreative.com or book a time to speak with me on Zoom.