Are you making these 3 common mistakes on your homepage?

Another three things you need to check on your website today. Specifically, I’m talking about your homepage this time. So, are you making these three common mistakes on your homepage?

Mistake #1 – Social media links

First one is social media links. This drives me absolutely crazy! It’s such hard work to get people to come all the way over to your website. It’s a lot of hustle involved in getting people all the way to your site.

The worst thing you can do is send them away immediately. Very often you see social media links at the centre of a homepage and all the way through the website because people want to build a following on social media.

Yes, that’s great, but if you are sending people over to Facebook or Instagram you are sending to a world of distraction. So be careful where you place your social media buttons.

What you can do instead is put them on your contact page or in the footer, way down at the bottom so over to distractions, because they’ll go over there and they probably won’t come back.

Mistake #2 – Information overload

The second mistake that you might be making on your homepage is information overload. The homepage of your website is like prime real estate for your keywords for Google for getting people or getting people to read about your offering. It is important to break information down into bite-size chunks.

Resist the urge to tell the people immediately why you’re qualified and entire life story on your homepage. That comes later. Instead, try to create a short powerful statement that people can read in a couple of seconds as they arrived at your website which has convinced them to stay longer and read more.

Mistake #3 – No clear path to take

Very often I see on websites that have multiple services or really rich online store with lots of products and the menu is massive it’s sending people in all directions. If your main navigation, the first primarily menu that people encounter, if that’s got more than five or six items, that’s too many.

So, if you’re sending people in all directions, you lose control of user experience and they can go anywhere on your site and it’s not very tailored experience for them.

Bonus tip

You need to base your decisions on fact. Yes, that means having Google analytics in place and tracking how people act on your site.There’s a section in your Google analytics called the behavior flow. You can see where people arrive and then what they do and then what…

A really good lead generating website has a kind of a plan for site visitors. You are leading them through a certain action that you want them to take on your website.

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