Are you making these 3 common mistakes on your homepage?

Your homepage is prime real estate on your website. It’s where Google looks first and it’s the page that people are most likely to land on first. It can be a make or break moment. People who visit your site are deciding whether to stick around, or NOT! So, are you making these three common mistakes on your homepage?

Mistake #1 – Social media links

First one is social media links. This drives me absolutely crazy! It’s such hard work to get people to come all the way over to your website. There’s a lot of hustle involved in getting people all the way to your site. The worst thing you can do is send them away immediately.

Very often you’ll see social media links at the centre of a homepage and all the way through the website because people want to build a following on social media. Yes, that’s great, but if you are sending people over to Facebook or Instagram you are sending to a world of distraction and they may not come back. So be careful where you place your social media buttons.

What you can do instead is put them on your contact page or in the footer, way down at the bottom. Remember if they’re on your site, you should be focussed on keeping them there and finding the info’ they need. Which brings us to…

Mistake #2 – Information overload

The second mistake that you might be making on your homepage is information overload. The homepage is the place where people may land when they come from Google or or social media. You’ll want people to get a sense of what you’re offering. It is important to break information down into bite-size chunks and in order of importance.

Resist the urge to tell the people immediately why you’re qualified and entire life story. That comes later in their journey. Instead, try to create a short powerful statement that people can read in a couple of seconds as they arrive at your website. If you want to convince them to stay longer and read more, you have to speak to them about how you can be of service. So… do you know what they’re looking for?

Mistake #3 – No clear path to take

When a website represents multiple services or has a really rich online store with lots of products, the menu ends up being massive and hard to use. If there are too many options on the menu, you’re sending people in all directions. Your main navigation or ‘menu’ is how people find their way around your site. If it has got more than five or six items, that’s too many.

When your menu is sending people in all directions, you lose control of the user experience (UX). When you have a well thought out navigation with an intentional plan behind it, you’re more likely to get people taking the actions you want them to take. The action you want them to take should focus on engagement. How can you get the site visitor to get in touch or join a mailing list? When you get their contact details, you’re getting more leads.

Bonus tip

You need to base your decisions on fact. Yes, that means having Google Analytics in place and tracking how people act on your site. There’s a section in your Google Analytics called the “behavior flow”. You can see where people arrive and then what they do and then what…

A really good lead generating website has a plan for site visitors. Grab their attention early, don’t send them away as soon as they arrive! Make sure they understand quickly why they should stick around and make sure you have a way to connect with them and follow up.


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Your website's call to action - the key to more enquiries and signups

Doing less better!

A CTA or Call to Action is the action you ask people to take on your website. When your CTA is working well, you'll increase the number of leads and enquiries you get from your site.

What should your call to action be?

You have a lot of options to choose from. You can ask people to:

  • join your mailing list,
  • attend an online event,
  • start a free trial,
  • book a discovery call with you,
  • connect with you on social media,
  • email you.

There's no right or wrong option on this list. If you have a number of ways that people can connect with you your job is to figure out which is the most likely action your ideal client will take and make that the most prominent option.

Sometimes people prefer to ask you a question directly by email before booking an appointment. Maybe they prefer to check out your freebie to get a sense of your style.

It's tempting to show all of the options at once so that at your site visitor has options, but you want to make it easy and obvious. If you shove a load of buttons and instructions in front of people, they're not likely to take action on any of them.


How to make your CTA easy and obvious

As always, the decision comes down to who your ideal client is and basing your decisions on what suits them best. You can't know for sure what will work best, so 

Does your website have a clear call to action that is easy to find and simple to use?

Your call to action can make or break the success of your website. By simply having a call to action that offers something your site visitor wants you'll generate more leads and ultimately enroll more clients.⁠




Do you have a CTA? Do you have several? ⁠
Is it visible, attractive and actually WORKING?⁠

What are you offering that helps a site visitor to become a lead?⁠




Offer something of value.

Value is soooo subjective, make sure you're offering something that connects with their pain point and is relevant to the service you offer.

Make sure you deliver it in a format that makes sense to the person consuming it. Pfffff. PDFs when most people visit your site on a mobile!


Tech :

Easy and obvious

Make sure the buttons work

How many should you add to your site? Don't confuse people

Book a call

Ask a question  - be aware you'll get more spam with a contact form but you just have to accept that



Email me - invite them

Make sure your contact form works or the email address that you put out there is actually reaching you

Something of value for free


Signup - a quick win

What kind of content do they consume online?


Go back to the core message that you want to be known for.

Quick win

(Don't make my mistake by offering something that nobody wanted)

I created something that I believed to be really valuable but I got it all wrong --- read more about it here.


Easy and obvious

Your freebies should align with what you say

Nurture your subscribers

Offer them something they want in a format they like to consume.







The High-Converting
Homepage Formula

Get more leads more often from your website

A high-converting homepage is one that resonates with the reader and inspires them to take action.

Use this exact formula (template + video guide) to transform your homepage and get droves of new leads and clients!