Google Analytics for your business website

Let’s talk a little bit about Google Analytics. Are you familiar what “Google Analytics” is? It’s a free service powered by Google whereby you can track people’s behavior on your website. It came up a lot recently because of GDPR. Google Analytics, it’s basically a way of understanding what’s going on your website, how people are behaving, how are people getting there?

Google Analytics can provide you with a massive amount of information. Each piece of data, each metric can have significance based on what you want to achieve with your website. Three things that I look at with my clients, just to keep it super simple and again to avoid data overwhelm at all costs:


The first thing that I look at is audience. If your “Google Analytics” has been up and running for a while, take a look at your “Audience” – where are they based, their gender, their age group. All of the information is there in chart format and you can find some very useful things for your business. 

Audience data includes information about:

  • Information about location
    • Continent
    • Subcontinent
    • Country
    • City
  • Gender info
  • Specific age group info


This is a real useful one if you are doing a lot of promotional activities across social media. Within the acquisition tab, by choosing “overview” you can see how people are finding your website:

  • Organic search
  • Referrals
  • Social media
  • Email
  • Paid
  • Other

This is something that I get people to look at if they’re feeling very overwhelmed with social media and if they’re promoting on various different platforms, it can quite often be a deciding factor, as to just choosing one social network over another. So getting into acquisition, checking into social media and seeing which of those social media platforms is actually working for you, is actually bringing people for you.


This one I really love and is like a super nerd moment for me. If you go on a behavior tab and then choose behavior flow, you can see how people move through your sites. So you can see what page they landed on, where they clicked next… So you can see how people move through your website, what is their natural flow. If you’re making changes to your website based on that behavior flow you can support that action with strategic elements.

Those are three things that you can just quickly check in Google Analytics, nothing too complicated, but it just gives you a better idea of who’s coming to your site, how they’re getting there and what they do when they  get there.

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