The most important aspect of choosing your domain name

When you’re stuck on what domain name to chose your entire website project gets put on hold. You can’t launch your website without a domain name.

If you have a domain name and you’re not happy with it you can lose a lot of time revisiting it again and again.

When you’ve registered a name you can feel like you’re tied to it, I it’s very understandable that this big decision can take time… BUT… The most importing thing about deciding on a domain name is… DECIDING! Chose it, register it and get your project moving.

Be sure to make it:
– Easy to spell
– Easy to remember
– And try not to overthink it
– Can you start with your own name?

When the name is chosen and registered, you can get your site set up and start enrolling clients because the longer you’re invisible, the more clients you’re missing out on!

You can start building awareness of your brand, the domain is only the place your business sits, it’s not the entire business! You can use your messaging and brand vocabulary to define your business.

And if, over time, the name no longer fits you can change it and use the renaming as a way to tell people even more about your business.

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