Are you ready to get more clients with your website?

It’s easy to feel bowled over by the amount of work required to build an effective website. When you invest time and money into it and it doesn’t actually bring you any new clients it can seem like a total waste of energy and a right pain in the arse!

But your website can be a huge asset to your business when you set it up to attract, engage and convert. When your site does this, you my friend, have a lead generating machine that will bring you leads and clients every month and you can get on with the work you love and earn the money you deserve.

You’re great at what you do, but you’re not attracting enough clients…

What happens when you have a lead generating machine for your business?


More people find out about you.


When they check out your site and services they think: “Ooooh yes, this is exactly what I was looking for”.


You get more enquiries, more mailing list sign ups and more paying clients.


You spend less time tweaking small details, rewriting text and reinventing your marketing plan and more time doing the work you love.


You get more leads and clients, consistently every month and your business pays you what you want.

Focus on doing what you do best

Site + Strategy + Tools = Lead Generating Machine!

There’s no need to worry about all the fiddly technical work, graphic design and copywriting that needs doing. Instead of endlessly Googling for answers and looking for freelancers to do bits and pieces, I’ll be working with you every step of the way to create your lead generating machine!

Together, we’ll create a plan specifically for you to attract leads, get them excited about what you offer and convert them into paying customers.

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Past projects

Feministy – A site like no other, for an original service

Feministry Website and copy for a service like no other! Feministry homepage by Claire GallagherThe Brief: Define how Karen's concept can be communicated. Create a website that begins to bring the concept of Feministry online. Background Karen Dempsey RGN, BA, MSc  is...

Life coach website set up with lead generation strategy

Body Confidence Coach Website recreated, new brand and photographs incorporated and lead generation tools designed and automated “If you want a cracker of a website that brings you leads then work with Claire. She created my dream website, gave me clarity on my...

Ecommerce website with a growing and loyal following Improving the user-friendlyness of an eCommerce website with loyal customer base.The Brief: Make a more branded website for improve the eCommerce functionality and navigation as a way to encourage more sales through the site....

Language coach website – New messaging, services and site

ProEnglish Language coach website. Reaching a new audience with clear messaging, specific services and effective call to action.The Brief: Improve the functionality of the ProEnglish website and make it visible to a more targeted audience. Background: Vera, the site...

We recreated the site and traffic increased by 1364%!!

Living with the Moon Website rebrand and interactive calendarThe Brief: Update the Living with the Moon website and calendar system to be more appealing to its target audience and repair broken links and subscriber features. Background: Jutta, the site owner, had been...

 Let’s make it happen!

Attract more leads & get more clients than ever before.

Each project is unique. To give you clear idea of the work you need to do to get your website attracting leads and converting them to paying clients, I want to hear more about you and your project. Let’s talk. Book a free session with me here.

The High-Converting
Homepage Formula

Get more leads more often from your website

Good news! Your homepage can make your site visitor feel like they've found what they're looking for. When they feel this, they connect with you, become leads and even paying clients.

The bad news is that you have a matter of seconds to make that first impression! 

Use this exact formula (template + video guide) to transform your homepage and consistently get new leads and clients!