Aligned action only!

I help creative solopreneurs show up online in a way that aligns with their natural strengths and core values AND connects them with the clients they’d love to serve.

I can help you if…

You’re pouring all your energy into random marketing strategies that don’t feel right to you.

You love your work but hate having to “sell” to get a client.

You want your business to be kind to you, pay you what you deserve and give you the freedom you always hoped for.

How I can help

What does it take to hit 10K
months for your creative or 1:1 services?

Download this checklist to see where you're losing leads and missing opportunities to get clients. You might be closer than you think to 10K months.

Launch an organic campaign to get clients for your creative or 1:1 services.

In just 2-weeks you'll launch your client-getting campaign. Get a sales boost for your creative or 1:1 services.
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Build a lead machine that gets you found and hired by ideal clients.

Get booked up months in advance for your 1:1 or creative services by connecting with the people who will pay you for your services.

What happens when you have an effective strategy for your business?


More people find out about you.


When they check out your site and services they think: “Ooooh yes, this is exactly what I was looking for”.


You spend less time tweaking small details and reinventing your marketing and more time doing the work you love.


You get more leads and ideal clients, consistently every month and your business pays you what you want.


You get more enquiries, more paying clients and you start to scale up to 10K months in your business.

Let’s make it happen!

Hit 10K months within 6 months.

Each project is unique. To give you a clear idea of the work you need to do to get clients consistently, I need to hear more about you, your business and your personal vision of success. Let’s talk. Book a free session with me here.

The 10K Month Strategy

What does it take to hit consistent 10K for your creative / 1:1 services?

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