Converting readers into clients: Your content has 3 jobs.

It feels like slogging away at social media, is part of the deal when you have a business. You pour your heart into value based posts, only to see measly results. It can be pretty annoying when you invest a tonne of time and energy into stuff when it feels like nobody actually even sees!

But how to change that?

It actually might not be a visibility problem. It might be more of a “next step” problem.

Social media is just one step in the larger process of creating content that converts. Your content has the three essential jobs to fulfill if you want to get clients organically. The 3 jobs: Visibility, credibility, and conversion. If you pave the way for meaningful connections, you’ll get more opportunities to connect with ideal clients.

Job 1: Visibility

Getting Found

While social media plays a role in your content strategy, it’s one of 3 steps. The glamour of big numbers or “going viral”, lures us in and essentially keeps us stuck at the starting line. We get stuck posting and trying out different trends. But posting on social media for visibility goes beyond sharing and hoping for the best. It’s about strategically positioning yourself to get found by the right people. Visibility means putting yourself in the way of opportunities and opening doors to valuable connections… Visibility is not JUST social media posts. There’s no mistake, a big following is an asset in your business, but followers don’t always mean sales.

What to do: Share good content regularly and start conversations (Read this: The one-sentance social media strategy) It’s the conversation bit that we often neglect.

Job 2: Credibility

Building Trust

Getting found is just the first step; the real magic happens when you build trust with your audience. Establishing credibility is key to earning your audience’s permission to sell to them. Showcasing your expertise and understanding their pain points positions you as a trusted advisor who truly “gets it.” By consistently delivering high-quality content that adds value, you’ll forge more authentic connections and demonstrate your ability to solve their problems.

Building trust is the bridge that takes your readers from casual observers to potential clients.

What to do: Build trust with your audience (Read this: Know, like, trust: Practical tips)

Job 3: Conversion

Getting Paid

Creating compelling content and establishing credibility is crucial, but it’s not the ultimate goal. Your content needs to lead to action and, ultimately, conversions… aka – Getting paid! Without a clear path to conversion, your efforts may result in missed opportunities.

Do you have an offer that people really want and need? Do you communicate with your audience that you have a solution to their needs and pain points? I call this the “irresistible offer”, or the “easy yes”. I’m not saying you need to totally re-invent the work that you do, rather, having an irresistible offer makes promotion effective, selling easier and even delivering your service more efficient. And when your offer is easy to promote, sell and deliver, you’re getting into a place of lovely lead flow!

What to do: Base ALL your content on the problem you solve. (Read this: Get a Gut-Level YES – How to sell your services online)

Juggling social media can feel like time well spent, but marketing your services shouldn’t stop there. Your content has three distinct jobs: visibility, credibility, and conversion. By creating an end to end experience for people, you’ll not only attract attention but also transform readers into clients.

With a strategic and purposeful approach to content, you’ll connect with the clients you’ve always dreamed of working with. If you want to create content that converts check out my services here.

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