Gary Vee’s $0 social media strategy.

Gary Vee (Gary Vaynerchuk) is THE PERSON to listen to when it comes to social media predictions. His predictions for the growth of social media were so on-point that he was able to grow multiple businesses, to (let’s say) squillions of dollars and massive online presence.

I recently watched this talk he gave where he shares the social media strategy that WILL work and costs $0.

Find it here: The Only Marketing Strategy You Need for 2023

He suggests posting 5 – 12 times a DAY! Initially, that felt nuts! But I gave it a little more thought and research.

Here are my key take aways.

  • We’ve convinced ourselves it’s not possible to post that much – but for social growth with a $0 budget it’s possible to convince yourself otherwise.
  • We overcomplicate, overthink and worry… instead of just posting.
  • The ‘grid’ or aesthetic isn’t as important as the value you offer to the reader / viewer. Don’t let it stop you posting something quickly.
  • We try and buy courses for ‘proven systems’ and hacks for fast results but frequent posting DOES work. It takes work, persistence and patience.
  • A massive posting schedule is only right for you if:
    • Your #1 priority is social media growth or lead generation at this time
    • It doesn’t negatively impact your mental health
    • You have a strategy behind it, ie: it relates to a bigger goal in your business

It seems absurd and even aggressive as a strategy, but I think his point is that we look for fast ‘hacks’ instead grabbing this obvious solution.

UPDATE: Check out my post about what happened when I posted 8+ times a day for 30 days.

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