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Posting every day: An experiment

I recently ran an experiment based on advice from Gary Vee.

He suggests posting up to 12 times a day in order to use social media for your business. (Check out my original post here)

When I spoke about this concept on my own channels, it sparked quite a debate and triggered anger with a lot of people. So with anything that sparks debate, I took a closer look.

I decided to run an experiment. I challenged myself to post every day, multiple times a day, for 30 days to see what happened.

So… here’s what happened.

Posting multiple times a day meant I had to work fast and not overthink things. Initially, it felt really daunting.

My experiment: To post content every day for 30 days. Aiming for 8+ content items per day. The goal? To get more enquiries for my services.

Do you remember that episode of Father Ted where Ted gets a dent in the car? He’s borrowed a car for a rigged raffle to fix the roof. Anyway… He tries to pop the dent out again with a little tap… Cut to hours later, the whole car is wrecked.

I can’t think of a better metaphor for perfectionism. Ted got so caught up with a minor detail that he lost sight of the bigger picture. I was doing the same thing.

At the start of my posting experiment I learned that perfectionism really held me back. Trying to get a post ‘just right’ meant I was spending hours on it. Instead of just going for it with an idea.

Getting so bogged down in the minor details meant I was losing sight of the goal. To get more enquires for my services by posting quality and quantity content daily.

I quickly learned that…

Simplicity beats perfection every time.

When I started to focus on the quality of the idea rather than the flashiness of the designs I got to work faster and my content was much easier to understand.

I realised that overworking an idea drains the life out of it anyway! When I spent hours crafting a piece, its energy and creativity got all squeezed out. So I was wasting time, killing the original idea, and instead of showing up with a pure idea, I was just confusing people.

So admittedly, I did spend time on more detailed videos that did get a lot of visibility BUT they didn’t get me enquires. It was always the simple posts that worked.

The numbers sometimes lie

While my follower count DID grow, I noticed something weird. Out of the enquires that I got, only half were people following me. So the growth in followers was not a good “measure of success”.

This is another thing that makes us loose sight of the goal. The vanity metrics!

Yes a big following is helpful and makes you look established and even credible, but it might not be the thing to measure.

Posting everyday got easier and easier

To get faster at posting:

  • I set up Canva templates with my brand fonts and colours to create graphics quickly.
  • I used subtle filters on my videos (I know, I know) so that I didn’t end up deleting them afterwards because I cringed at my appearance. (I have hay fever at the moment and look all puffy! Filters that de-puffyed my face meant I was more likely to post!
  • I used Chat GPT to flesh out and organise ideas – But re-edited to make sure my voice was there and the value was prioritised.
  • I embraced a brainstorm mentality – don’t judge your ideas, don’t over work them, keep it fresh.
  • I read comments and re-used replies as follow up posts.
  • I repurposed old posts.
  • I used quotes.
  • I prepared a content bank to draw from on busy days (this was a total game changer!!)

So all in all. Gary was right!

When I got it out of my head that posting daily is “too much“, and started to realise that there is no magic trick to online visibility I was able to get on with the important work of bringing value to my audience… and offering my services now and again!

If this is something you’d like to explore in your business. Check out my Content That Converts workshop here!

See you there 🙂

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