How to really get clients through your website

I help client facing business owners to look at their website and figure out how to use it to get more leads and clients. There are three pillars that I lean on:

  • Attract
  • Engage
  • Convert

With the enforcement of GDPR everybody started to look at their marketing efforts to see if they were compliant, but also started to wonder “What I am actually doing with email marketing?”, “What am I doing with all this stuff?” 

How are you getting people to pay attention?

  • How are you getting people on to your website in order to encourage them to engage with your content and contact you?

Consider what you’re doing to get people over to your site. 

In an earlier post I gave you a quick introduction on how to use Google Analytics for your website. You can use this tool to learn more about the visitors on your website, who they are, where they come from?

Analytics data gives you insight into their behaviour. And it’s based on the stats, you can see if your efforts to attract site visitors is working or not!

How can you be more strategic about attracting site visitors?

There are loads of possibilities for your attraction stage. Maybe you’ve considered blogging. Or SEO. Both of these can be strong parts of your content marketing strategy, but you have to be mindful of the time you spend on it. You can spend a long time getting your content ‘perfect’ but it shows little or no return. No new leads or clients. Content gives you a better chance of getting found organically online but there’s no guarantee of a bigger audience ormore leads.

You need to be strategic with your attraction plan.

You can’t just create something and expect leads to just miraculously stumble across it.Attraction is just the first step. You also need to engage and convert if you want site visitors to become leads and leads to become paying clients!

If you’d like some insight into how you can get more leads and clients with your website, grab a free discovery call with me!

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